Bahria Town Or DHA which is better place to Live?

Bahria Town and Defence Housing Authority DHA are considered two of the top housing societies in Pakistan where every person dreams of building a house. Bahria Town is a private housing society owned by Malik Riaz Hussain while DHA is owned and maintained by Pakistan Army.

Junaid Akhter Biography, Profile and Photos

Name: Junaid Akhter
Nationality: Pakistani
Place of birth: Karachi
Religion: Islam
Status: Unmarried.
Height: 6 Ft 2 Inches
Complexion Fair
Education BBA

Tour To Lahore Zoo In Pics

Lahore Zoo is one of the favorite place of Kids where they love to visit. Whenever any school trip comes to Lahore they visit Lahore Zoo. there are hundreds of different types of animals and birds present there. Lets have a Tour to it In Pics:

Top 5 Cars To Buy in Pakistan

Pakistan is a poor country which has a big Middle class so most of people look for low priced cars with good features. In this post we will have a look at top 5 cars which are available for sale in Pakistan.

Toyota Corolla 

Price 17 Lacs

its one of the most favorite car of upper Middle class in Pakistan

Lowari Pass Most Dangerous Road of the world in Pakistan

the are many dangerous and scary roads and paths around the world in different countries but one of the most dangerous road of the world is without any doubt the Lowari Pass of Pakistan which connects Chitral with Dir in KP province of the country. it is more than 15000 feet high and there are high mountains on both sides of it. every year dozens of people die while traveling on it. its a track of 145 km with never ending dangerous turns.

here are some pics of it:

Imran Khan and Reham Khan gets divorced

the biggest news of Pakistan on Friday in the media was that former Pakistani Cricketer and PTI Chairman Imran Khan has divorced his wife Reham Khan with whom he got married just 10 months ago. according to media reports both Imran and Rehman decided to get separated after discussing it.

Eid Ul Adha 2015 Celebrations in Pakistan in Pics

Eid Ul Adha 2015 was recently celebrated in Pakistan like all over the Muslim world with great zeal and excitement. people also sacrificed animals and offered Eid Prayer. they are also greeted each other on this event of joy. here are some pics of the Celebrations:

Top Places to go for Honeymoon in Pakistan

Lots of Pakistani couples specially of offer class prefers to go to foreign countries like Switzerland, Turkey and Europe to celebrate their honeymoon period after marriage. But the fact is that Pakistan also has many amazing places where people can go for honeymoon instead of traveling foreign that will not only save their money but also boost country's economy. Following are some of the top places where you can go after your marriage with your spouse:

Naran, Kaghan

Comparison of Pakistan's Natural Beauty With Switzerland

Switzerland is known as most beautiful country of the world for having amazing natural places and mountains but the fact is that Pakistan is not less than Switzerland in anyway in natural beauty. Let us do comparison of Pakistan with Switzerland in pics below.

Rare Photos of Old Pakistan

Some Memorable rare photos of old Pakistan which will take you in the past and bring smile on your faces.