Twenty five to Thirty thousands unemployed due to Karachi Violence

According to report of Geo news around Twenty five to Thirty thousands people are unemployed due to the Violence of yesterday after the Suicide Bombing on M.A Jinnah Road Karachi. In Rs estimated loss is Rs 30 Billion.

After the attack of Karachi Violence took place in different places after which many plaza,s and shops where burnt which destroyed businesses of many people. the people watched their shops burning in front of their eyes. in the yesterday attack more than 40 people where martyred. Government must take quick steps now to help these Twenty five to Thirty thousands to again grow their businesses again and also take hard steps to counter the terrorism and the Violence.

Karachi the city of lights will live on whatever our enemy do

Karachi the city of Lights will live on whatever our enemy do but our Karachi will keep on shinning. The Raw funded TTP terrorists has targeted Shia Muslims this time on MA Jinnah Road on day of Ashura to get multiple objectives. one of the big objective they tried to get was creating Sectarian Violence between Shia and Sunni,s but Alhamdulilah they are not succeeded in it.

As we have discussed before as well that the main reason of these attacks  Is American Presence in Afghanistan and Indian presence as well under the Umbrella of Americans who are heavily funding these TTP terrorists.

These TTP terrorists takes name of Islam but they kills Muslims they have never attacked any American or Indian. They are using 18 to 22 years boys by brain washing them to do suicide attacks with Indian weapon and Money. Pakistan need to look towards its Foreign Policy of Afghanistan to counter Terrorism.

Americans only allowed to land on one Airport in Pakistan

Government of Pakistan has banned the enterance of Americans in Pakistan from all the air ports except Benazir Bhutto International Airport of Islamabad. American can now only Enter into Pakistan from this Airport. It was reported by The Nation.

This step is taken by Government of Pakistan after the increasting anger in Public on the report of Intelligence agencies. This may be due to pressure of Pakistan army and ISI that Goverment has taken this step. Pakistani public anger towards America is increasing due to Americans wrong activities in Pakistan and also due to Increasing Terrorism.

Indian Nuclear Weapons a big danger to the world

International media keeps on speaking about the Nuclear Weapons of Pakistan that they are unsafe but they never talked about the safety of Indian nuclear weapons are they safe? Check the video Indian Nuclear Weapons a big danger to the world.

Pakistan released 100 Indian fisherman

Pakistan has released 100 Indian fisherman yesterday who where caught for violating the Pakistani sea space. These Fisherman are released on humanitarian grounds by Pakistan but India not shown any positive response to it yet.

there are thousands of innocent Pakistani's in Indian Jails who are in jails from decades some even from 1965. i watched tv interview of a mother whose son went to India for watching Cricket series but never came back as he was arrested in India. watching that mother condition even brought tears in my eyes.

Even if sometimes some people are released by India they are so much torchered that they become mentally ill. many times dead bodies comes back from India. while releasing the terrorist Kashmir Singh and stopping the death orders of  Terrorist Sarbjeet Singh are signs of Pakistan big heart. India must also think about it.

Indian army attacks Muharram Jalooses in Occupied Kashmir

Indian army attacks different Muharram Jalooses in Kashmir that where held on 7th and 8th Muharram. Indian Soldiers attack the Jalooses in Sri Nagar, Kupvara, Hundvara and many other places and torchered the people and detained hundred of Kashmiri,s. People raised slogans of La ilaha illallah when Indian army attacked the Jaloos in Sri Nagar.

Indian army fired in air and tear gases to break the Jalooses. Jalooses of 9th and 10th Muharram are also banned by Indian Puppet Government of Occupied Kashmir which is also a slap on face of Indian so called democracy that they have actually attacked the religious freedom of Kashmir.

Indian Home Minister Chidambaram Declares Jihad = Terrorism

Indian Home Minister P. Chidambaram has declared Jihad as Terrorism. He was addressing to Indian Intelligence Bureau and in his lecture of 40 minutes he made very objectionable comments against Jihad. He said that Jihad objective is war against non Muslims.

He declared Jihad the main reason and inventing of Terrorism speaking against Islamic point of view about Jihad. The word comes from the word Jahda which means to strive and struggle and in Islamic context it means to struggle in way of Islam. Jihad never means killing any non muslim. Holy Quran also makes clear that killing any innocent is Haram whether he is Muslim or Non Muslim. Jihad with sword means to fight against Injustice not to kill innocents. Holy Quran says Whoever kills any innocent human being its like he killed the whole of humanity. i can show you hundreds of verses like it in Quran and sayings of Prophet Muhammad saw.

Mr Chidambaram you must read the Quran and Sayings of Holy Prophet Saw about Jihad before passing any comments against Jihad. and try to watch the main reasons of terrorism instead of blaming Islam.

China says sale of arms to Pakistan is not a big Deal

China is defending its warships submarines sale to Pakistan. Chinese Officials has said that when India is getting the military equipment support from Russia, US and Israel then what is wrong in providing military equipment to Pakistan.

Indian are as usual showing concerns on these Pak China military cooperation while it is seeking equipments from three big countries.So India must watch towards its own Face before pointing fingers at others. China is a true friend of Pakistan which is providing Pakistan with complete help in field of Defense and many other fields as well.

Celebrating the Quaid Azam day 25 December

Quaid Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah was born on 25 December 1876. Mohammad Ali Jinnah with qualities of his leadership fought to get the independence from British and Hindus to make a separate state for Muslims of Sub-continent where they can live with freedom.

Mohammad Ali Jinnah said:
Pakistan means not just freedom and the independence but the Muslim Ideology which has to be preserved which has come to us as a precious gift and treasure and which we hope other will share with us. Pakistan is proud of her youth, particularly the students, who are nation builders of tomorrow. They must fully equip themselves by discipline, education, and training for the arduous task lying ahead of them.

Janoon se aur Ishq se milti hai Azadi

Anti Pakistan and anti Muslim party Bjp's leader Jaswant Singh words for Quaid Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah

Vijay Lakshmi Pundit's statement: if Muslim league had one hundred Gandhi,s and two hundred Abul Kalams and congress had only one MUHAMAD ALI JINNAH India would have never been partitioned.

More Than 1 Lakh private security constructor working in Afghanistan: Riz Khan

There are more then 1 lakh private security constructor black water, Xe Services etc are operating inside Afghanistan. Barack Obama has doubled the numbers of private security constructor as compared to Bush in Afghanistan. These private security constructor are working as a parallel CIA in Afghanistan. These security constructor do secret operations to eliminate Alqeda and Taliban leaders and members in Afghanistan as well as in Pakistan.

According to UN Pakistan is ahead of India in literacy rate

UNFPA is an agency of United Nations which has issued a report recently that Pakistan is far ahead of India in literacy rate while Indian literacy rate is really bad.

But still the literacy rate in our country is not very high. we must take some strong steps in increasing literacy rate. But for this Government will have to work seriously and also realize the people how important education is.

More Than 90% Women of Delhi Feels Unsafe

India is a country in which there is high rate of Rape and Sexual harassment with women. Millions of Girls are aborted after identifying that they have female child due to which the women population is less than men which is resulting in rapes, Sexual harassment, unsafety and many other problems for women in India.

In a latest survey done by famous Indian News Channel Ndtv it was reported that More than 90% women of Indian Capital Delhi Feels unsafe.

Pakistani Hockey Team in Argentina Disco with Fahash Girls

Hockey Is National Sports of Pakistan and was invented in Pakistan. There was a time when Pakistan was so strong in Hockey that it was even unthinkable to defeat the Pakistani Hockey team. Pakistan was winning world cup on world cups and big tournaments. Pakistan won first four Hockey world cup. but what is the condition of our Hockey today? World cup is a big think we even not won any big tournament in last 15 years.

As Pakistani Hocky Team was in Argentina for Champions cup but few days ago our Hocky Players where found in a disco of Salta a city of Argentina dancing, smiling, hugging and taking photos with Fahash bar girls who where in half naked dresses. its a shameful act.

First question is how a team representing a Muslim country can do this? and secondly they where enjoying for what? for losing to India in Champions cup? what great work they did for which they where enjoying? Pakistani Officials must take hard notice on this matter so that no player ever think of doing this again.

its one of the Photo of Goal Keeper Mohammad Arshad sitting with a Girl in Disco. Sharam magar tum ko nahi aati.

Banks are saved with Drug money in Economic crises

Chief of drugs and crimes has said claimed that different Financial instituton are saved in Economic crises due to drug money. around 352$ is used by banks of drug money which have helped them to survive.

 Antonio Maria Costa is Chief of drugs and crimes in United nations she has claimed that billions of dolloars of drug money has helped Banks in economic crises to exist. it will promote drugs as well as crimes and banks will more involove in it.

Pakistan not gives permission to Indian trucks to use its territory

Pakistan has refused to give permission to Indian trucks to use its territory for going to Afghanistan. India wants its trucks to go through Pakistan to Afghanistan but Islamabad has denied this request.

I think its a very good decision because Pakistan has solid proofs that India is already destabilizing Balochistan and Tribal areas through Afghanistan and investing heavy funds in Afghanistan for its own benefit. Hamid Karzai is a pro Indian and against Pakistan who spent many years of his life in India. Even the name of new Afghan Intelligence is Rama that is an Indian word.

India is increasing its presence in Afghanistan to destabilize the Pakistan so its a very good decision by Pakistan to not allowing Indian trucks to move through Pakistan to Afghanistan.

World Bank says Kashmir is Disputed territory not Indian territory

World Bank has said that Kashmir is not part of India but it is a Disputed territory between Pakistan and India. World Bank also refused to give Funds to India for project in Occupied Kashmir by saying that Kashmir is a disputed territory. World Bank has told this to Occupied Jammu & Kashmir Government after the funds from world bank where demanded as a part of India for project.

Occupied Jammu & Kashmir Government has now contacted Delhi on this matter. Jammu & Kashmir Government wants New Delhi to settle this matter with the World Bank. This incident is again a slap on face of Indian leaders who are occupying land of Kashmiri's with force and trying to show it as part of their country.

Us wants Pak to Expand operation against Haqqani Network

As Pakistan army has done great Job against Tehreek Taliban Pakistan in Swat and Wazirastan and defeated them on both places but these where those militants who operates against Pakistan only and kills Pakistani's. This group don,t attacks Us Forces.

Us want Pakistan to Expand its army operation again Haqqani Network of Jalal Ud deen Haqqani who also fought against Russia. The same man whose bravery stories use to come on front pages of American newspapers when he was fighting against Russia. This Haqqani network don,t attack Pakistani,s but operates against Americans and neto only in Afghanistan. Americans says that Haqqani group,s Headquarters are in Pakistani Wazirastan and Pakistan must also expand the action against this group.

But firstly i think this group Headquarters is not in Pakistan and is in Afghanistan and secondly Pakistan will not operate against Haqqani network because Pakistan has no dispute with Haqqani network they don,t attack each other. While Pakistan is already facing serious terror.

China agrees to Provide J-10B (FC-20) Jet Fighters to Pakistan

China is best friend of Pakistan which has helped Pakistan in every hard time. in a latest development China is giving around 36 J-10B also known as FC-20 Jet fighters to Pakistan.

The partnership between Pakistan and China is increasing day by day in Defense field. Pakistan is going to be the first country to receive these very advanced Jet fighters from China.

Before J-10B there are many others examples as well like Jf17Thunder ,F22-p Jet Fighters. With this latest inclusion of 36 J-10B Pakistan Air force power will increase very much.

Sheikh Rasheed and Aitzaz Ahsan on the situation after end of Nro

Sheikh Rasheed and Aitzaz Ahsan on the situation after end of Nro by supreme Court.

Mr Zaid Hamid coming to Superior University Lahore for Lecture

Sir Zaid Hamid are coming to Superior University Lahore for Lecture on the topic of Future of Pakistan in current Scenario on 30th December Wednesday from 1 to 4 pm. All people of Lahore specially youth is requested to Join.

Clearance from ISI become necessary for Foreigners before coming Pakistan

In a Latest policy decision it is decided that the Clearance from Inter service intelligence (ISI)  will be now necessary for any foreigner before coming to Pakistan. this latest is taken after the present security situation of Pakistan.

it was told by one of the Government official to The Nation that this is step is taken due to the present security conditions and some objectionable activities from foreigners. According to sources the Inter service intelligence (ISI) has taken serious notice of these objectionable activities from foreigners.

Now according to new policy every foreigner visitors will have to tell the reason of visit, duration of visit with an Noc. if the Visa is expired and the person need short term visa he will have to go back to his country to get the short term Visa.

Indian intelligence Raw exposed creates fake Terrorists with Fake Pakistani Links

Indian Intelligence agency Raw is famous for creating the Fake Terrorists and then try to show their Fake Links with Pakistan. Ajmal Kassab is one of the recent Example of it. Indian Intelligence agency Raw Caughts innocent Pakistani who visits India or local innocent Muslims and then tries to show them as the terrorists who have links to Pakistan. They are showed connected with Kashmiri Groups Like Lashkar Taiba, Jaish etc.

Few days ago an Indian lawyer has exposed such drama in which two innocent people where showed as Terrorists of Pakistan. The lawyer M.s Khan was able to prove these two people innocent in court who where first showed as Pak linked Lashkar Taiba Terrorists. Once these type of innocent people are caught then massive Media propaganda starts against Pakistan and Muslims.

Tauqeeh Subhaan Qureshi is also one of the famous example of it who was yahoo employee with 1 lakh monthly salary and was showed as Indian Mujahideen Terrorists after which for months media showed him as a terrorist later on it was found that he has nothing to do with Indian Mujahideen and he is innocent but this news came just for one two days while propaganda game went on for months against him.

First Ever Pc Cricket Game made in Pakistan

Mind Storm Studios has introduced First Ever Personal Computer Game that is Made in Pakistan by name of Cricket Revolution. And i would call it an amazing game and will surely compare it with great games like Brain Lara Cricket and Ea Sports Cricket. The Graphic and controls of game are amazing and people had liked it very much some even calling it best game ever. its not the best game ever according to me but a great one for sure. While playing this game you will feel that you are playing Cricket in real. The Game is available in stores now and you can get at economical price.

A Song for Indian Raw Funded TTP Terrorists

A Song for Indian Raw Funded Tehreek Taliban Pakistan Terrorists who are killing Muslims of Pakistan in name of Islam with Indian Weapon and Money. Song is based on a true Story.

Ajmal Kassab denies all charges regarding Mumbai attacks

Ajmal Kassab has denied all charges against him regarding Mumbai attacks. He has said that he came to India twenty days before Mumbai attacks to work in Films but he was caught and Tourchared by Mumbai Police this is why he gave those statements earlier. Ajmal said that he even never seen Ak-47.

He also said that he has not fired at Hament Karkare, Ashok Kamte and Vijay Salaskar.

Us Blames Pakistan of harassing its diplomats in Pak

According to American Newspaper New York times Us officials has blamed that Some people in Pakistan military and inter service intelligence (ISI) are harassing the Us diplomats in Pakistan.

And it is happened at the same time When American Government is pressurizing Pakistan to do more help in fighting against the Taliban and Alqaeda. According to New York times Pakistani officials has replied that it is due to some American,s objectionable activities like taking pictures of sensitive places, not allowing cars checking, and due to this Anger in Pakistan against America that is build up.

Just yesterday Pakistan has stopped issuing Visas to Americans and now according to New York times this news is came up and i personally think there is a secret war going on between ISI and CIA.

Pakistan Stop Visa Issue to Americans

Pakistan has stop issuing Visas to American diplomats military service members and some others due to the increasing hate in Pakistan after watching Different Americans operations in Country. it was told by one of the U.S. diplomat Yesterday.

Many Americans where stopped by Polices on different check points by Police and military police in big cities like Lahore and Islamabad many times they denied the checking of their Cars and locked the cars from inside.

Some times Americans where caught with Fake Number plates on their cars. And one of the another reason is the Black water and other American private security agencies presence in Pakistan. So government has taken this step perhaps to decrease the anger and hate that is build against Americans and government in public due to all this. Americans are already expanding their Embassy in Islamabad and it would be biggest American embassy in any country after expand.

Supreme Court of Pakistan Declares Nro unconstitutional

Supreme Court of Pakistan has Declared National reconciliation Ordinance (Nro) unconstitutional and Null and Void. Supreme Court of Pakistan has said Nro is against 1973 constitution. After it more then 8000 cases of corruption, murder etc are opened against different corrupt Politicians and bureaucrats. Supreme court has also ordered to reopen all cases at 5 October 2007 position. All cases in Swiz Courts will also reopen against President Asif Ali Zardari.

Message of 16 December Urdu Article by Dr Safdar Mehmood

Message of 16 December Urdu Article by Dr Safdar Mehmood.

In Memory of Sakoot Dhaka 1971

A Poem In Memory of Sakoot Dhaka 1971 Ye Chaman Mujh ko Adha Gawara Nahi.

Black Water directly or indirectly involved in Terrorism in Pak: Former ISI Chief

Former Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Chief General Asad Durrani has said in a interview with Press TV a Irani TV Channel that Black Water or Xe Services is according to my assessment indirectly doing the Terrorism in Pakistan or throught the Locals involoved in these Bombings.

In Reply to another Question he said that Black Water is still in Pakistan maybe under a different name like Xe Services or Dyncorp. He also said that Black Water People must not taken out from Pakistan as they where also involove in Civilian killings in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Protest in Kashmir on Report of Women rape and killing case

A big Protest took place against the Report of two Women that where raped and then killed by the India Soldiers in India occupied. but in report it is said that they where died by drowning after which massive protest took place in Kashmir yesterday. this report made Kashmiri muslims more angry.

a 17 year old and her sister in law 22 year old Muslim women where raped and then killed by Indian soldiers few months ago after which massive protests took place all over Kashmir against India. Thousands of Muslim women are sexually harassed in last 10 years by Indian Soldiers.

In Yesterday Protest whole Sri Nagar was closed down. The Banks shops, offices where closed. Protesters raised massive slogans against India.

Blackwater Chief confirms that we were given the task of killing A.Q Khan

Another stunning news is came out and this time it is about Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan. In a Interview the Founder of Black water or Xe Services Erik Prince has said that we where given the Task of Killing Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan By CIA. He was giving the interview to Vanity Fair.

Erik Prince also said that Black water has participated in many operations in Afghanistan and Iraq with CIA. Most of operations in Iraq where done by 2004 to 2006. Erick Prince also said that the role of Black Water or Xe Services is very much changed after it has started to give security covers to CIA.

Schedule of Pakistani cricket team Tour of Australia

At the End of This December Pakistani Cricket team is going on the tour of Australia Where Pakistan will play 3 tests 5 one days and 1 twenty twenty match with Australia. its a big tour for Pakistani cricket team and the Pitches of Australia are always low scoring where 200 is Considered enough in 50 overs. First 3 tests will be played and then 5 one day matches and in the end one twenty twenty match.

First Test match is starting from 26 of December this month. Following is the complete Schedule of Pakistan tour of Australia.

Indian Pilot what are you doing in flight?

Few days ago an Indian Flight was in Air on Pakistan. Plane was going from United Arab Emirates to New Delhi with 107 Passengers in it. And According to some of the big internet News sites one Pilot sexually harassed a good looking Air hostess. But an unbelievable point is that Indian government or indian media not blamed Pakistan for it while Plane was flying on Pakistan that time and its Indian habbit to blame Pakistan for everything even when Pakistan lost from Australia and India got out of Cricket Tournament due to this they blamed Pakistan that it was a fixed match. anyway what ever is the truth that it was Air hostess mistake that she was trying to seek the attention or it was Poilot who tried to reveal something and Air hostess done counter attack in shape of blame but these type of people must think about the hundred lives that are with them in air.

Can we come out of this dangerous situation Urdu Column by Safrdar Mehmood

Can we come out of this dangerous situation Urdu Column by Safrdar Mehmood. Dr Safdar Mehmood Column about how to tackle terrorism and this dangerous situation.

Mr Rehman Malik time to fulfill your promise will you Resign now

Few days ago Interior minister Rehman Malik Promised that i will Resign if the Presences of Black water is proved in Pakistan. Now Cia has itself confirmed it that Black Water is operating in Pakistan. Spokes Person of Cia George Little said this. Black water is also operating in Afghanistan and Iraq. In Iraq Black water was involove in massive innocent killings after which Iraq,s launched several cases against Black water.

When the name of Black water gone bad due to its dirty works they changed their name to Xe Services. So as Cia has itself confirmed that Black water or Xe Services is operating inside Pakistan so Mr Rehman Malik will you fulfill your promise? The Promise you made just few days that i will Resign if Black water presence is proved in Pakistan.

Pakistani Nijad Boxer Amir Khan vs Israeli Boxer Dmitriy Salita

Aamir Khan is a Pakistani Nijad Boxer now living in Uk vs Israeli Jew Boxer Dmitriy Salita match and see what happens

Telenor starts new Social Service 1911

Telenor has started a new Social service 1911 yesterday. you can simply dial 1911 from your Telenor no to get any professional advice whether you are looking for a medical advice, legal advice or Career Counseling advice. simply Dail 1911 and get advices of experts. The charges are Rs 10 including tax per 3 minutes. New 1911 Social service includes Tele Doctor, Career Counseling, Tele Genie and Tele Lawyer.

why a Civilian chief of ISI urdu column by Abdullah Muntazir

Americans Indians Zardari all are trying to put ISI under Civilian control but what is the purpose of it? a informative column in Urdu by Abdullah Muntazir.

4 Chief ministers of Pak provinces together with hand in hand

4 Chief ministers of Pakistan provinces together with hand in hand in Minto Park Lahore. On back you can see the Minar Pakistan. This Photo is also a slam on face of those who want to divide us. Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi, Pathan are together. Pakistan is one.

Real face of so called Secular india and its hatred for Pakistan

Real face of so called Secular India and its hatred for Pakistan. Column by Ghulam Gosh in Urdu

Facebook again proved Bias Closes Zaid Hamid Fan Page

Facebook is again proved Bias by closing down the Fan Page of Zaid Hamid today. Zaid Hamid fan page was one of the most popular on Facebook. it was having 20,000 members. Face book has closed down the page by calling it violation of terms and conditions without giving the details of what violations are done.

Zaid Hamid is a very famous Defence analyst of Pakistan. He is very much famous in Youth Specially. The Zaid Hamid fan page was made just a month ago and was having 20,000 fans within a month but it is closed down now.

Pictures of Blasts in Moon Market Lahore

Following are the Pictures of Moon Market Iqbal town Lahore where in two blasts 60 People where martyr and around 100 where injured. Moon Market is a middle class area where There are many shops. its a very big market of Lahore.

Us and India Funding Pakistani Taliban and Terror in Pak says Webster Tarpley

Us and India is Funding Pakistani Taliban and Terrorism in Pakistan says Webster Tarpley. He is a famous Author and Journalist. He is banned on all main stream media like CNN, BBC due to his truths.

my new blog about Pakistan

Asslam Alikum i am Ahsan raza and i am already running 9 blogs. Now i have decided to start a new blog about Pakistan and politics i hope you will like it. Pray for my success.