Indian Home Minister Chidambaram Declares Jihad = Terrorism

Indian Home Minister P. Chidambaram has declared Jihad as Terrorism. He was addressing to Indian Intelligence Bureau and in his lecture of 40 minutes he made very objectionable comments against Jihad. He said that Jihad objective is war against non Muslims.

He declared Jihad the main reason and inventing of Terrorism speaking against Islamic point of view about Jihad. The word comes from the word Jahda which means to strive and struggle and in Islamic context it means to struggle in way of Islam. Jihad never means killing any non muslim. Holy Quran also makes clear that killing any innocent is Haram whether he is Muslim or Non Muslim. Jihad with sword means to fight against Injustice not to kill innocents. Holy Quran says Whoever kills any innocent human being its like he killed the whole of humanity. i can show you hundreds of verses like it in Quran and sayings of Prophet Muhammad saw.

Mr Chidambaram you must read the Quran and Sayings of Holy Prophet Saw about Jihad before passing any comments against Jihad. and try to watch the main reasons of terrorism instead of blaming Islam.