Indian intelligence Raw exposed creates fake Terrorists with Fake Pakistani Links

Indian Intelligence agency Raw is famous for creating the Fake Terrorists and then try to show their Fake Links with Pakistan. Ajmal Kassab is one of the recent Example of it. Indian Intelligence agency Raw Caughts innocent Pakistani who visits India or local innocent Muslims and then tries to show them as the terrorists who have links to Pakistan. They are showed connected with Kashmiri Groups Like Lashkar Taiba, Jaish etc.

Few days ago an Indian lawyer has exposed such drama in which two innocent people where showed as Terrorists of Pakistan. The lawyer M.s Khan was able to prove these two people innocent in court who where first showed as Pak linked Lashkar Taiba Terrorists. Once these type of innocent people are caught then massive Media propaganda starts against Pakistan and Muslims.

Tauqeeh Subhaan Qureshi is also one of the famous example of it who was yahoo employee with 1 lakh monthly salary and was showed as Indian Mujahideen Terrorists after which for months media showed him as a terrorist later on it was found that he has nothing to do with Indian Mujahideen and he is innocent but this news came just for one two days while propaganda game went on for months against him.