Karachi the city of lights will live on whatever our enemy do

Karachi the city of Lights will live on whatever our enemy do but our Karachi will keep on shinning. The Raw funded TTP terrorists has targeted Shia Muslims this time on MA Jinnah Road on day of Ashura to get multiple objectives. one of the big objective they tried to get was creating Sectarian Violence between Shia and Sunni,s but Alhamdulilah they are not succeeded in it.

As we have discussed before as well that the main reason of these attacks  Is American Presence in Afghanistan and Indian presence as well under the Umbrella of Americans who are heavily funding these TTP terrorists.

These TTP terrorists takes name of Islam but they kills Muslims they have never attacked any American or Indian. They are using 18 to 22 years boys by brain washing them to do suicide attacks with Indian weapon and Money. Pakistan need to look towards its Foreign Policy of Afghanistan to counter Terrorism.