Pakistani Hockey Team in Argentina Disco with Fahash Girls

Hockey Is National Sports of Pakistan and was invented in Pakistan. There was a time when Pakistan was so strong in Hockey that it was even unthinkable to defeat the Pakistani Hockey team. Pakistan was winning world cup on world cups and big tournaments. Pakistan won first four Hockey world cup. but what is the condition of our Hockey today? World cup is a big think we even not won any big tournament in last 15 years.

As Pakistani Hocky Team was in Argentina for Champions cup but few days ago our Hocky Players where found in a disco of Salta a city of Argentina dancing, smiling, hugging and taking photos with Fahash bar girls who where in half naked dresses. its a shameful act.

First question is how a team representing a Muslim country can do this? and secondly they where enjoying for what? for losing to India in Champions cup? what great work they did for which they where enjoying? Pakistani Officials must take hard notice on this matter so that no player ever think of doing this again.

its one of the Photo of Goal Keeper Mohammad Arshad sitting with a Girl in Disco. Sharam magar tum ko nahi aati.