Us wants Pak to Expand operation against Haqqani Network

As Pakistan army has done great Job against Tehreek Taliban Pakistan in Swat and Wazirastan and defeated them on both places but these where those militants who operates against Pakistan only and kills Pakistani's. This group don,t attacks Us Forces.

Us want Pakistan to Expand its army operation again Haqqani Network of Jalal Ud deen Haqqani who also fought against Russia. The same man whose bravery stories use to come on front pages of American newspapers when he was fighting against Russia. This Haqqani network don,t attack Pakistani,s but operates against Americans and neto only in Afghanistan. Americans says that Haqqani group,s Headquarters are in Pakistani Wazirastan and Pakistan must also expand the action against this group.

But firstly i think this group Headquarters is not in Pakistan and is in Afghanistan and secondly Pakistan will not operate against Haqqani network because Pakistan has no dispute with Haqqani network they don,t attack each other. While Pakistan is already facing serious terror.