Watan Pe Musalat nice Trana about Bad Politicians of Pakistan

Watan Pe Musalat a nice Trana about Bad Politicians of Pakistan.

Hindu Extremists Group Shiv Sena doing dirty Politics again

Hindu Extremist Group Shiv Sena is again Showing it hatred even for very Secular Muslims Like Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan and trying to bright their dirty Politics.

From Last three these this Hindu Extremist Group Shiv Sena is targeting Actor Shahrukh Khan just for saying that it was wrong not to Include Pakistan Players in IPL today they even Called Shahrukh as traitor. another Actor Aamir Khan is also targeted for Shiv Sena for the same reason. Shiv Sena also called thes two Muslim actors as 2 Idiots.

Now My Question to Bal Thakray to whom i usually call Bala Badmash. So Bala Badmash why you not spoken against your own friend Amitabh Bachan also for saying the same in an interview that Pakistani players must be included in IPL. is the reason that he is hindu and your friend?

Now we talk about the past of this Hindu Extremists Group Shiv Sena. This is the same group which played a major role in killing of thousands of Muslims in Gujrat riots and killings of Muslims in Mumbai. this group has also done hundreds of attacks on churches of Christians. India which calls itself a Secular country must take care of such groups first that are alive examples of Extremism and terrorism.

Americans want to run from Afghanistan with help of $500 Million

For last 9 years after 9/11 Americans and Nato tried everything to defeated the Afghan Taliban and other freedom fighters with weapons with money by creating disputed between them they tried everything but today After 9 years they are accepting the defeat and history is repeating itself in Afghanistan what happened with British and Russia now with Americans.

Governor of most Afghan provinces follows orders of Afghan Taliban and Western world is now talking about dialogues and going from Afghanistan. Americans are offering $500 Millions for their safe Exit from Afghanistan. Americans and Nato has realized now that they have no other option but to leave Afghanistan as soon as possible but they want it with some dignity intact this is why they are trying to Buy Taliban.

in short its a try to save Karzai government with $500 Million. it really looks like a joke to me. Afghan Taliban are not fighting for $500. they will continue to struggle even if $5000000 million is offered to them. today Afghan people are standing with them. So the conclusion is Karzai government cannot be saved.

US behind recent Google Drama in China

US is behind recent Google Drama in China where Google threatened China of ending its services in China. In China many websites and keywords searches are blocked while US and Google says that it is against the freedom of speech and Media. Google is doing all this by backing of US.

China is blocking different sites and keywords to stop Media propaganda that is spread by US against China. China don,t wants this propaganda to reach Chinese public through internet. in Internet and very large no of people use Internet. Internet is no dout Media of future.

Media is a very powerful thing and can convert white into black and black into white. so China is doing right by blocking specific sites and keywords but US wants China to open these sites and keywords searches and also using Google for this purpose.

But Chinese government has cleared that every Internet company is welcome in China but it will have to follow the rules set by the government of China. i also think these are only threats by Google. it cannot leave a very big market like China.

Afghan Taliban rejects London Conference says struggle will continue

Afghan Taliban and another big group fighting in Afghanistan Hizb Islami has rejected the London conference and has said that it is a new game plan of Americans and Nato against Afghan people to divide them. Afghan Taliban said on their official website that our struggle will continue until the occupying forces are in Afghanistan.

Americans and Nato are trying new ways of creating disputes within Taliban by offering them money and offering different packages but Afghan Taliban will not accept these packages and money because they are in a very strong position in Afghanistan they not accepted all this when they where not strong few years back why they will accept now?

it is a good thing that some people are also talking about doing Dialogues with Taliban. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia can play a major role in Dialogues. but the result will be same Afghan Taliban just one thing end of Afghanistan occupation by Americans and Nato.

India not happy with recent developments on Afghanistan

India is not happy with recent developments on Afghanistan. As few days ago a conference was also held in Turkey in which Pakistan talked about ending Indian influence in Afghanistan now India is also sidelined in London conference on Afghanistan Issue. West and US are talking about dialogue with Afghan Taliban, removing their names from terrorists lists and bringing them in the government.

India don,t want Afghan Taliban in the government because Hamid Karzai is a pro Indian and Anti Pakistan person and under him Indians are working on their objectives in Afghanistan to destabilize Pakistan from Afghan border and helping terrorist organizations. India also wants Nato and US to stay in Afghanistan.

Afghan Taliban are anti India and they will not allow any Indian to do any Anti Pakistan activity if they came again in government.while at present you can imagine how much India is entering in Afghanistan matters that even the Name of Afghan Intelligence agency Is Rama a hindu word.

Pakistan's talks with Turkey for Drones Worries India

Few Days ago US offered Pakistan RQ-7 Shadow Drones which are very slow and small and cannot attack effectively and US is not ready to provide Better drones to Pakistan. After US denies to provide drone technology to Pakistan Pakistan is talking with Turkish army to provide this technology to Pakistan.Turkey is having good Drone technology and also have good defence cooperation with Pakistan.

But Indians are not happy with this development. situation about Afghanistan is already becoming bad for Indians and the news of Pakistan getting Drone technology is worrying them even more. Indians have invested billions for their benefits in Afghanistan and they know well that if Americans and Nato will leave Afghanistan what will happen with them.

Geo Tv or Jew Tv Decide yourself after watching the video

Geo Tv or Jew Tv Decide yourself after watching the video.

Gold for Temples Poverty for Humans in India

India is a country where common man is extremely poor. There is no equal distribution of wealth and most of Wealth is in hands of a few people. only 36 families of India has $191 billion which is equal to 1/4 of total Indian GDP.in short 25 percent wealth of India is in hand of 36 families of India which are mostly Barahmans.  In Islam we have a beautiful system of Zakat of helping the Poors but In India they prefer to give their wealth to Temple Idol Lords instead of Poors mostly.

Few days ago a very Rich Politician of Hindu Extremist Party given the a 16 kg diamond studded crown to Lord Balaji whose price is 45 Carore Indian Rs. That Crown will be just put on the head of Lord Balaji Idol. This is common in India. There are uncountable Temples where Gold crowns are given to Idol Lords of billions of Rs.where humans are dying for food you are giving diamond studded crowns to Idols.

2 US Drones shoot Down by Tribal Area Qabaili,s in 4 days

2 US drones are shoot down by  Qabaili,s of Pakistani Tribal areas in last fours days. Tribal area is in NWFP prvoince of Pakistan which has borders with Afghanistan.

In Tribal areas Americans have done hundreds of Drone attacks in last few years in which more than 1000 innocent Pakistani people are died. US do drone attacks by saying that they are killing Alqaeda terrorists but not more than 10 Al qaeda people are killed till now in these drone attacks but the Civilian killings are over 1000.

Three days ago when a American drone came to attack in Tribal areas and it was flying low Qabaili,s of Tribal areas started firing on it and shoot it down.

The person which shoot down that drone got a brand new Car as a gift from Qabaili leaders and people also appreciated him. one day ago another Americans drone was shoot down by Qabaili,s according to Media reports. another thing to clear is that Qabaili,s are local people they are not Taliban or in any group. Pakistan Air force has said several times that they have the ability to shoot down the drones in seconds but we need Government approvement for that.

Ahmed Qureshi on Indian Terrorism in Pakistan through Afghanistan

Ahmed Qureshi on Indian Terrorism in Pakistan through Afghanistan Border on Aljazeera Tv.

Pakistan Working on ending the Indian influence from Afghanistan

In Last few years Indian influence is increased very much in Afghanistan. India is investing heavily in Afghanistan and creating its asset to destabilize Pakistan through Afghanistan border.

Several proofs are caught of India funding BLA in Balochistan and TTP in NWFP through Afghanistan border. India is providing weapons and Money to BLA and TTP to spread terrorism in Pakistan. India is also supporting Hamid Karzai government in Afghanistan.

but recently Pakistan is working on to reduce this Indian influence in Afghanistan. for this purpose today a conference is going to take place between Neighbours of Afghanistan  Pakistan, Iran, China, Tajikastan and Uzbikastan and US in Turkey. Senior officials of all these countries will attend the conference.

Pakistan will discuss the issue of ending Indian influence from Afghan soil. On other hand Pakistan has also started the dialogue directly with Afghan Taliban.

Black Day in occupied Kashmir on Indian Republic Day 26 January

People of occupied Kashmir are observing Black day today on Indian Republic Day 26 January. India calls itself a Democratic, Republican and Largest Democracy of the world but what about the Democratic rights of people of Kashmir?

In UN resolution 1948 India government of that time accepted that people of Kashmir will be given the right of decide that they want to Pakistan or India but later on India ran away from its promise. that Resolution is still pending in UN.

from last 62 years India is occupying Kashmir by force. Over 90000 Kashmiri people are killed. India this is your democracy?

but i want to salute brave people of Kashmir who still continuing their struggle for freedom after giving thousands of sacrifices. Even after 62 years people of Kashmir are saying Jeevay Jeevay Pakistan and Bhoka Nanga Hindustan.

General McChrystal wants dialogue with Afghan Taliban

US General McChrystal has said that we must do dialogues with Afghan Taliban and i think there is enough fighting but we have got no results. General McChrystal said he will ask other allies as well to start a dialogue with Afghan Taliban.

This statement of General McChrystal and other statements of US officials clearly showing that US has accepted defeat in Afghanistan and they have tried everything to defeat Afghan Taliban but cannot win the war in Afghanistan with fight.

Afghan Taliban will only be ready to do dialogue with Americans and Nato if they will agree to give a date of going from Afghanistan. we have already discussed in our previous posts that there are many signs that Americans and Nato are about to run from Afghanistan and they will remain maximum two years in Afghanistan.

Pakistan army not happy with drones offered by Americans

Pakistan army is not happy with the drones that are offered to Pakistan by Americans because Pakistan already have bigger and better Drones as compared to drones that are offered by Americans to Pakistan. RQ- 7 Shadow drones that US is offering to Pakistan are very small in size slow in speed and not works very effectively.

Comments of Pakistan army spokesman Major General Athar Abbas on these drones where " too little and too late". Pakistan is not looking for these drones and Pakistan already have better drones as compared to RQ- 7.  Us almost every week is violating Pakistani air space with drones and killing innocent Pakistani,s in drone attacks while Pakistan has asked US to transfer drone technology  to Pakistan and said that we will use it in our areas. US must not violate Pakistani air space.

Indian Government Makes Pakistan air force chief a hero in its ad

Indian Government Makes Pakistan air force chief a hero in its ad.

US investigative journalist blames ISI for attack on CIA in Afghanistan

US investigative journalist blames ISI for attack on CIA in Afghanistan.


An American Helicopter that was destroyed by Afghan Taliban

An American Helicopter that was destroyed by Afghan Taliban.

Amercians are about to run from Afghanistan

Americans are one again shocked by Afghan Taliban attack in the heart of Afghanistan Capital heart Kabul. the things are changed very fast in Afghanistan and Taliban are on 90 % of Afghanistan just like what happened in last days of Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

Governor of the most of Afghan provinces receives orders from Taliban. Taliban has got even more weapons and learnt latest methods of war.

American puppet Afghan government is not happy that Americans will soon go from Afghanistan and the day when Americans and Nato will go from Afghanistan it will take few days in fall of Afghan Government.

in that Afghanistan India will also have no place and whatever India is investing in Afghanistan will give it no benefit and India will understand it soon but not now. Indian government thinking is just like a Baniya which gives lends money to other for getting interest India is doing the same in Afghanistan.

Indian Dirt Exposed again

we keep on exposing real dirty face of India which they tries to hide through Bollywood, Shinning India etc and try to show the world that India  is a very secular democratic and progressing country.

But the real face of India is full of dirt with discrimination on minorities, terrorism against Kashmiri people, Poverty and no rights of women. today we are going to share another interesting report with you which exposes India.

According to report of Times UK More than half of Indian population defecates in the open. More households have TV than toilets. according to this report 660 million Indians defecate openly and more people have Televisions in their houses as compare to toilets.

India has a very bad sewage system. after reading this report my question is same to Indian leaders shame on you you invest billions to spread terrorism in Neighbours countries specially in Pakistan but cannot give toilets to your own people.

High rate of corruption in Indian Army

Their is High rate of corruption in Indian Army. Following is an Video from India Media on corruption in Indian Army.

Americans: Do More - Pakistan: No More

This time again American Secretary of State Robert Gates came to Pakistan with agenda of do more to launch a operation against Jalal ud deen Haqqani group in North Wazirastan the group that not attacks any Pakistani but fighting against Us and Nato troops in Afghanistan. Pakistan reply to American Secretary of State Robert Gates was clear "No More". Pakistan army has cleared to Robert Gates that we are already fighting on two places and cannot start another operation. Pakistan has also cleared we will do what will be in our national interest.

on other hand this month again is proving to be deadly for the Nato and Americans and after the recent attacks of Taliban on Kabul even General David Petrus said these attacks show the courage of Taliban. the present Fasad in Pakistan and Afghanistan is due to American and Nato presence in the Afghanistan the day Americans and Nato will leave Afghanistan Indians who are sitting under their umbrella in Afghanistan will also run away and that day will bring peace in Pakistan Afghanistan as well as Iran.

Pakistan army Balochi Shaheeds.

Pakistan army brave Shaheed Soldiers from Balochistan.

Pakistani cable operators decides to Boycott Indian Premier League

Pakistani Cable operators has decided to Boycott the Indian Premier League as a protest for not including Pakistan players in IPL team. Pakistani cable operators held a press conference yesterday and announced to not show IPL anywhere in Pakistan. they said that if any local channel will telecast IPL that channel will be closed. Pakistan has also stopped its Cabady team from visiting to India.

two days ago Pakistani Players where not added in IPL teams after they where included in IPL auction. Former Indian Cricketers are also not happy with it and said that Politics must remain away from Cricket.

Rehman Malik Lie once again Exposed this time by Robert Gates

Interior Minister Rehman Malik lie is exposed once again about the presence of Black water in Pakistan. few months ago Rehman Malik said in a interview if Presence of Black water is proved in Pakistan i will resign from my ministry. Yesterday American Secretary of state Robert gates in an interview on Express news accepted that Black water is operating inside Pakistan.

now as the lie of Rehman Malik is exposed once again he must fulfill his promise and resign and if he is not going to resign there is no need to worry because in next few days Supreme court of Pakistan will remove him in NRO case.

India shouts about Mumbai but what about Samjhota Express attacks?

India is continuously shouting about Mumbai attacks but what about Samjhota Express attacks? in which more than 70 Pakistan,s where burnt alive in Samjhota Train and it was also proved that Indian army Karnal and Hindu terrorists where involved in that attack. But no future action is taken by Indian authorities about that matter.

After Samjhota Express attack as usual Indian media blamed Pakistan ISI and Lashkar Taiba for this attack becaue its India,s habit to blame Pakistan even if a birds die in India. but later on in investigation it was found that it was Indian army own Karnal and Hindu terrorists who burnt alive hundreds of people including 70 Pakistani,s in samjhota express train. it was also found that this karnal and hindu terrorists also done many other attacks which where first blamed on Muslims but why India is not taking actions about this matter?

Pakistan army rejects Robert Gates demand of operation against Afghan Taliban

American Secretary of state Robert Gates is in Pakistani Capital Islamabad where he is meeting Gov officials and army personalities. Robert Gates demanded Pakistan army to launch operation against Afghan Taliban in North Wazirstan which Pakistan army rejected by saying that we are already involve in operation in Swat and South Wazirstan and we cannot launch any new operation in next 6 months to 1 year.

Pakistan army will also not do operation against Afghan Taliban because Launching operation against Afghan Taliban is against Pakistan,s national interest. Afghan Taliban has never attacked Pakistan they have no fight with Pakistan they are only fighting and defeating Americans and Nato in Afghanistan.

the group against which Pakistan is fighting is a different group known as Tehreek Taliban Pakistan which has done massive killings of Muslims in Pakistan. this group was made after 2007 it is funded by Indian intelligence agency Raw through Afghanistan border and doing operation against this group is in Pakistan,s interest.

American Commander David Petraeus says that Taliban are resourceful

Us Central Command Commander General David Petraeus has said that the present attacks in Afghanistan Capital Kabul shows that Afghan Taliban are very resourceful. He admitted that these attacks where Afghan war is becoming more and more difficult and Taliban control is increasing in different Afghanistan areas. David Petraeus also said that we are hopeful for better progress in Afghanistan after more 39000 troops are coming.

Perhaps David Petraeus has not read the history of Afghanistan which ever power in history attacked Afghans it ran away after losing same is happening with Americans and Nato now. 39000 more troops increase can do nothing and the days is near when Americans and Nato will ran away from Afghanistan.

Interview with jalal ud din haqqani Network Commander Siraj ud deen

Interview with jalal ud din haqqani Network Commander Siraj ud deen Haqqani second biggest group operating in Afghanistan against Americans and Nato. this interview is taken by Al Jazeera.

A Baloch standing on statue of Indian P.m Manmohan Singh In Chaman

A Baloch standing on statue of Indian P.m Manmohan Singh In Chaman Balochistan. in a protest against India people also burnt Indian flags and Manmohan statue.

Indian Politics Even takes over Sports no Pakistan Player sold in IPL auction

It looks like that Indian Politics has even taken over the sports today in Indian Premier League auction no Pakistani players was bought by any team while the Pakistani players are the best in T20 Cricket and Shahid Afridi most popular T20 Player.

Shahid Afridi has said that is the insult of not only Pakistani players but Pakistan not including us in any team after adding us in the auction. Shahid Afridi said we are the champions of T20 and India and IPL has made fun of us after including us in IPL auction. Abul Razzaq said that all this looks like planned strategy between Indian government and IPL not including us in team after including in IPL auction.

He also rejected this statement that Pakistani players Presence in IPL was not confirmed by saying that we are free next three months and also we have got NOC and where allowed to play by both governments.

Sohail Tanver said that this decision is clearly taken on Political ground not the sports which is actually against the image of Sport.

Rahe Haq Mai Song Dedicated to Pakistan army

Rahe Haq Mai Song Dedicated to Pakistan army. its an amazing song about Pakistan army operation in Tribal areas against Fake Taliban of Hakeemullah Mehsud group that is funded by India.

Massive attacks By Afghan Taliban on Afghanistan Capital Kabul

Today Morning Afghan Taliban did massive attacks in heart of Afghanistan Capital Kabul. Several bomb and Suicide attacks are done on President palace and other buildings of Kabul. more than 40 people are injured and 12 killed in these attacks. its a clear Message by Afghan Taliban that they are now knocking at doors of Kabul after controlling several Provinces of Afghanistan.

Spkesman of Afghan Taliban Zabiullah Mujahid said that more than 20 of our suicide bombers have entered the Kabul. Massive gunfire exchange continued for more than six hours in Heart of Afghan Capital Kabul.

Everyday More than 200 Indian Women are Becoming Prostitutes

According to Indian Prajnya Report Everyday more than 200 Indian women are becoming prostitutes and Rape is fastest increasing crime of India in last few years. large no of number of women faces Sexual violence everyday. The report is clearing that India is actually becoming hell for Women.

just few days back an Ndtv report also come according to which more than 96% Delhi women feels unsafe.

the reasons are clear firstly still large no of people in India considers girls birth not good and goes for abortion due to which female population is very much less in India as compare to males. When women will be less then men such incidents of rape, harassment prostitutes will become more common. another reason of so much women becoming prostitutes is poverty. there is extreme poverty in India.

you will find millions of people in india who sleeps on footpaths in night. but still Indian Barahman zionists dont care. they are spending billions in spreading terror in neighbour countries Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal but don,t care about their own people.

Aman Ki Asha is just a Tamasha - The Truth about Aman Ki Asha

Aman Ki Asha  is just a Tamasha - The Truth about Aman Ki Asha. its just a new drama by Indians and some Indian nawaz elements in Pakistan.

Second Position Holder in Matric sitting on Floor

Above photo is of Student Nadeem Asif who got Second Posting in Matric Examination and he is sitting on Floor and other people are sitting on chairs. watching this photo really hurted me. Nadeem not looks from a very rich family but he got second position in Matric salute to him.

Indian army Exposed by its own Army Chief Deepak Kapoor

The person which just one week ago was giving statements of attacking China and Pakistan and occupying Pakistan in few days is Exposed. His army is exposed by himself. on 62th Army day Indian army Chief General Deepak Kapoor has said that Indian army don,t have the ability to fight in night. He was expressing his concerns about Indian army night blindness in the area of Armored Corps and mechanized infantry.

Before it General Deepak Kapoor also admitted that Indian tanks has night vision capability of  20% only while Pakistan 80% and China 100%. India,s main battle tank is Arjun while Pakistan,s main Battle tank is Al Khalid which is far batter as compared to Arjun.

US Screening at Airports is against Human rights

After Raza Rabbani now Prime Minister of Pakistan has said that US Screening at US Airports of Pakistani,s is against Human rights and against our respect. Before it Mr Raza Rabbani called it genocide of Cultural Values.

According to new Us checking at Airports Pakistan is included in those countries whose citizen will have to give checking at airports through screening in which bodies is showed naked.

Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani demanded end of Screening at airport of Pakistani,s and said no one can win War on terror without our help and we have lost the most in this war. before it opposition leader Chaudhary Nisar said that no Pakistani official should go to US until US ends Pakistani,s screening.

its an clear violation of article 1 and 2 of universal human rights.

Flah Insaniyat (Jamat ud dawa) helping Karachi rehabilitation works

When there was no one to help after Karachi violence. No Government no Mqm no PPP Flah Insaniyat (Jamat ud dawa)  was again there just like there effective work in 2005 Earthquake. following are some of the Photos of  Flah Insaniyat (Jamat ud dawa) rehabilitation works after Karachi violence of Ashura day.

National Command Authority Warning to India

Yesterday National Command Authority has took serious notice of India,s childish statement of attacking Pakistan and china and occupying Pakistan. National Command Authority comes under Prime minister which has issue a statement yesterday responding India. in the statement it is said that Indian statements against Pakistan shows hegemonic mindset. Pakistan is ready for any situation.

National Command Authority also showed satisfaction that Pakistan Nuclear weapons are 100% safe.

Turkey Denies any Dialogue with Israel until Occupation and Terrorism on Palestine

Turkey has denied to do any type of Dialogue with Israel until it not end the Occupation of Palestine and stop doing terrorism on Palestine people.Israel is killing thousands of Palestinian people every year and occupying more and more land.

if you see the map of Israel of 50 years ago then 20 year ago and then present map. Israel is expanding everyday occupying more and more Palestinian land.

Israel has occupied so much land that 2 million people of Gaza now only live in area of 46 killometers while on two sides is Israel one side Egypt and other side Sea. Foreign Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davuto─člu said that his country relations will not normal with Israel until its stop terrorism against people of Palestine.

Fake Pakistani Passports issued to Indians in US city Houston

According to Pakistan council General in American city Houstan Fake Pakistani Passports are issued to Indian people. More than 300 Fake Pakistani Passport are issued to India citizen. Pakistan must take serious action of such things because India can use such things for blaming Pakistan in terrorist activities which are actually done by Indians themselves.

ISI Chief: Afghan soil and drug money is used for terrorism in Paksitan

Pakistani Intelligence agency ISI chief General Ahmed Shuja Pasha has said that Afghanistan soil and drug money is used for terrorism in Pakistan. He said that Terrorism in Pakistan cannot be stopped until supply of money and weapons is not stopped from Afghan border.

Before also Indian presence on Afghanistan border with Pakistan is questioned who are helping TTP terrorist activities inside Pakistan.

Kashmiri people Smear Dirt and naked Indian Soldiers for raping Girl

Kashmiri People caught two Indian Soldiers who where trying to rape a 17 years old Kashmiri Muslims Girl. angry Kashmiri People naked them, shaved their heads, Smear Dirt in their faces and then paraded them in the village. thousands of incident of sexual harassment and rape are taken place in last few years by Indian army of Kashmiri women but this time they learned a good lesson. you can watch below Video.

two more Kashmiris killed in Indian soldiers state terrorism

Indian Soldiers again today has killed two more Kashmiri people by declaring them militants. more than 90000 Kashmiri,s are killed in Indian army state terrorism in Kashmir. after killing hundreds of Kashmiri,s done protest again India raising Anti India slogans. people said that their struggle will continue until freedom they will give sacrifice but never Join India.

Indian Soldiers crying and hiding after Fidyeen attack at Lal Chowk

Indian Soldiers crying and hiding after two Lashkar Taiba Fidyeen attack at Lal Chowk Sri Nagar Kashmir.

India no 2 in religious discrimination in the world: American Think Tank

An American Think Tank has issued an report in which India is on no. 2 in religious discrimination in the whole world. Iraq is no. 1. the reason Iraq is at top is the American presence in Iraq. But in India minorities are treated like Animals this is the reason India is on no.2.

More than 90000 Kashmiri Muslims are killed till now in Indian army state terrorism. in 1992 Babri Masjid was destroyed by extremist Hindus in which hundreds of Muslims where also killed. in 2002 Gujrat riots more than 3000 Muslims where killed Muslim women raped. in 2008 alone more than 116 attacks where done at Christian churches. in 1984 Most important religious place of Sikhs Golden Temple was destroyed by Indian army. these are big examples of how minorities are treated in India.

Hindu Extremist Organizations like Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal, Rss are doing everything to harm the minorities. Hindu Cast system still exists strongly according to which some humans are born above some are so down that even you cannot touch them like Shudar,s. the person Narendar Modi under which thousands of Muslims where killed in Gujrat is still the MNA of Gujrat. and the result of this religious discrimination is that there are more than 20 separatist movements in India who are struggling for freedom.

Teacher of TTP Swat Leader Moulana Fazlullah Declares him Fasadi

Moulana Valiullah Teacher of Tehreek Talibak Pakistan Leader Moulana Fazlullah declares him Fasadi. Moulana Valiullah said Fazlullah was doing Fasad not Jihad and Suicide attacks are haram in Islam. Moulana Valillah said killing innocent people is not Jihad. Jihad is in Afghanistan against occupying forces.

Tehreek Taliban Pakistan also called as Fake Taliban that are actually funded by Indian intelligence agency Raw and their objective is destruction of Pakistan. this group was created in 2007.

Americans new Propaganda against ISI of harassing its Officials

American Media and its Officials has started blaming Pakistani Intelligence agency ISI of harassing its Officials in Pakistan. Such blames are coming on Pakistan after 2 Americans are caught in Gawadar for doing suspicious activities and now are under investigation. Many times Americans are caught with illegal Weapons on roads of Islamabad Karachi and Lahore. Sometimes they are caught with Fake number plates on their cars. hate in Pakistan for Americans due to these activities is increasing.

When Americans are doing so many wrong things in Pakistan it is also the right of ISI to see what they are doing in our country. ISI cannot sleep allowing Americans to do whatever they want when there are news of Blackwater, Xe Services presence in Pakistan.

Program on Terrorism in Pakistan and what is Jihad "Qaum Kay Samney"

Program on Topic of Terrorism in Pakistan and what is Jihad "Qaum Kay Samney". Guests are former Lashkar Taiba spokesman and present Journalist Abdullah Muntazir, Former ISI member Khalid Khwaja  and Pervez Hoodbhaai.

Seminar in India targeting the Balochistan

on 10th January 2010 there is a Seminar going to be held in India targetting the Balochistan in which some Pakistani,s are also invited. Main stream media is showing this seminar as a peace process between Pakistan and India in actuall it is to target Balochistan and Kashmir backed by Raw. this Seminar is to discuss autonomy for Kashmir and Balochistan.

the name of conference is India-Pakistan Conference-A Road map towards peace but on special request of India Raw topic of autonomy for Kashmir and Balochistan will also be discussed.  the purpose of this Seminar is to show comparison between the Indian occupied Kashmir freedom movement and Raw backed separatist movements in Balochistan.

now i will share the name of the Pakistani's that are invited in this Seminar. read these names carefully all of these people are those who speaks against Pakistan army, Kashmiri mujahideen, talks about reducing Pakistan defense budget, talks about friendship with Indians.

Iqbal Haider  Human right activist and PPP former minister.
Asma Jahangir Human right activist.
Malik Siraj Akbar anti Pakistan journalist also read in India.
Senator Hasil Khan Bazinjo.
Madeeha Gauhar theatr artist and Human rights activist
and some other people.

no official of Pakistan Government is invited. Mr Iqbal Haider has called this Seminar a good step for Peace between India Pakistan. but actually this Seminar is just to malign Pakistan, Pakistan army, Kashmiri,s and support terrorism in Balochistan.

Pandit Nehru was having Love affair with Mountbatten's Wife Edwina

First Indian Prime Minister Pandit Nehru was having Love affair with Louis Mountbatten's wife Edwina Mountbatten. Following are some of their pictures.

American Soldier says i feel shame what we did in Iraq

American Soldier says i feel shame what we did in Iraq. we where told that we are fighting against terrorism but we where actually fighting against Iraqi people. a must watch video.

Second core commander conference within 20 days held in Pindi

Second core commander conference took place within 20 days in Rawalpindi under army Chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani. core commander conferences are always held to discuss the important issues or when the situation is series. i think there are two reasons why this conference is held second time within the twenty days first reason is the stupid statements of Indian army Chief of attacking Pakistan and China to whom General Tariq Majeed has already responded.

And second reason for this is the pressure by Americans on Pakistan to attack Jalal ud deen Haqani network in Noth Wazirstan because few days ago 8 American intelligence agency CIA members are killed in a attack in Afghanistan near Pakistan border and Americans are saying this is done by Haqqani network.

this was deadliest attack for CIA in last 25 years. but Pakistan army will not go to North Waziristan because Pakistan army is already involved in operation against Hakeemullah group also called Fake Taliban. secondly Haqqani network never attacked Pakistan and thirdly the aggression which is Indian,s showing by their statements.

Pakistani Youth get up to respond enemies Propaganda online

Indian and other enemies of our country Pakistan are using Internet to spread lies and fake Propaganda against Pakistan. They try to show Pakistan as a terrorist state and spread massive lies against Pakistan army and ISI. There are thousands of blogs, sites and videos coming up that are attacking Pakistan.

but how many blogs, sites and videos we are uploading to reply to this fake Propaganda against our Pakistan? Pakistani youth need to come up to respond to our enemies in the Internet media war. there are some blogs and sites that are responding and exposing our enemies like Pakistankakhudahafiz and Brasstacks but they are very few we need many more.

i request our youth who spend there times in listening songs, chatting and other things online that Pakistan need you. its easy and cheap make blogs, sites upload videos. i myself don,t English completely but i am trying my best.

Indians are famous for doing dirty fake Propaganda and converting truth into lie and lie into truth always we just need to respond them with truth and expose their reality.

Kashmiri People observed Self Determination Day today

Kashmiri People observed Self Determination Day today on 5th February. Protests took place all over Indian occupied Kashmir on  Self Determination Day for freedom. Protesters raised slogans against India and in favor of Pakistan and Freedom. Kashmiri people are struggling for freedom from last 60 years but India is occupying Kashmir with force. Every year on 5th February Kashmiri people observes Self Determination Day.

Asif Zardari tune suddenly changed on Kashmir

President Asif Zardari tune is suddenly changed on Kashmir and he has started giving statements in favor of Kashmiri's rights and in response to India.

Today President Zardari said we have got the Pakistan now we will get Kashmir, Kashmir is our Shahrag, we will coutinue to support Kashmiri's till end. Yesterday President Zardari said that our wish of Peace must not be considered weakness. we days ago also Zardari gave statements in support of Kashmiri's.

This is the same Zardari who last year even  declared Kashmiri Mujahideen as terrorists and was not ready to respond any Indian statement again Pakistan or in support of Kashmir. Why this sudden change. i just can guess i think it is army Pressure. anyway the good thing is that Zardari has spoken in support of Kashmiri's leave it aside why?

Photos of Bolton Market Karachi Rebuilding Works

Bolton Market of Karachi which was destroyed in Violence after the Ashura day attack in MA Jinnah Road Karachi.

Blood and Tears Book on Truths of 1971 East Pakistan by Qutubuddin Aziz

Blood and Tear is an Excellent Book about the Truths of 1971 East Pakistan. Is the Propaganda that is done by Indians against Pakistan Army is true? and what actually happened in East Pakistan. a must read book Blood and Tears.

Click Here to Read it

General Hameed Gul talks about Indian army Chief statement

General Hameed Gul talks about Indian army Chief statement.

New India Pakistan Peace Drama Aman Ki Asha

Just After the few hours when the Indian army Chief General Deepak Kapoor was giving the statement of taking over Pakistan in few hours and attacking Pakistan and China at same time Some Indian and Pakistani main stream Media started a new drama of Peace between India and Pakistan named as Aman ki Asha.

Such things where also done before but what happened of them?  India started blaming Pakistan without any proofs and the same Indian media which is saying Aman ki Asha now was saying Chand Kadam aur Pakistan Khatam. Our Coward Neighbour has never accepted us from Heart.

India is stopping our water by making dams in Kashmir, funding terrorists groups like TTP and Bla that are doing serious terrorism inside Pakistan.

Our enemy is killing us on one side and talking about Peace on other hand it is reminding me of Chankia ideology on whom Indian foreign Policy is based on. So Pakistan must watch what is actually behind this new Aman ki Asha drama by Indians.

Bomb was kept in a Quranic papers Box in Karachi attack

According to latest reports of Investigations about the Aushra day blast in Karachi on Shia Jaloos it is found out that it was not a suicide attack and bomb was kept in a Quranic papers box and was remote control. Such Boxes are fit on some places so people can put holy papers which are no more of their usage.

The Bomb was in that box and when the jaloos reached that place the bomb was exploded. First there where news that it was a suicide attack. More then 70 people where martyr in this attack and hundreds of people where injured.

Indian Raw involved in Karachi Ashura Day Terrorism

Indian intelligence agency Raw involved in Karachi Ashura Day Terrorism. Ahmed Qureshi Program Thori Si Siyasat.

Photos of Indian Weapons & money caught by Pakistani Taliban in Wazirstan

Photos of Indian Weapons and money caught by Pakistani Taliban in Wazirstan. its again and again proved that Tehreek Taliban Pakistan are Paid agents whose aim is not Islam but destroying Pakistan. Indian weapons and Money is several times caught by these Tehreek Taliban Pakistan terrorists.

Three Pakistani Vanished by Indian Police

Three Pakistani Prisoners who completed their 8 years of Jail in India are Vanished by Indian Police while they where going to Hospital due to massive torture that was done to them by Police in Jail. They where seriously injured due to torture by Indian Police and where going to be shifted in hospital.

Now Indian media has started the drama that they  actally ran away while shifting to hospital. My question is that a person whose period of Jail is completed why he will run. Their time period of Jail of 8 years was completing in few days.

General Tariq Majid Response to Indian Army Chief

Joint Chief of Staff General Tariq Majid has responded to Indian army Chief General Deepak Kapoor statements that Indian army chief well know how much his army is in water and what Pakistan army can do. He said that Statement of Indian army Chief show his Strategic thinking.

He said that Pakistan army is fully prepared for any situation. He was responding to Indian army Chief statement of fighting with China and Pakistan at same time and occupying enemies land.

Pakistan is Prepared Mr Deepak Kapoor

Indian army Chief General Deepak Kapoor said few days ago that we can occupy the enemy land in 96 hours and can fight Pakistan and China at same time. Mr Deepak Kapoor Pakistan is prepared don,t consider our wish of Peace as our weakness. we well know how to defend our land and hit back. But your statement shows your mentality. When Pakistan was made your congress leader said Pakistan will end in few days, than said in few months, But it is more than 62 years Pakistan is there. Your wishes of occupying the Pakistan and making Akhand Bharat Will never come true.Pakistan Zindabad

Afghanistan becoming Death Valley For Americans and Nato

Americans and Nato are not the first who are losing so badly in Afghanistan but many others in history as well. From British to Russian in history no body was able to win in Afghanistan. Afghanistan proved Death Valley for all these and now for Americans and Nato.

in a latest Development 8 Cia secret agents 5 Canadian Soldiers are killed in Capital of Afghanistan Kabul while two french Soldiers are kidnapped. Deaths of Nato Forces are increasing day by day and more more Afghan Land is going under Control of Afghan Taliban.

According to some reports 80% Afghanistan is under Afghan Taliban control. last few month are proved badest for nato in last 8 years.

Even American President has announced to send 39000 more forces to Afghanistan but it will not work the win in Afghanistan for American and Nato is impossible.