2 US Drones shoot Down by Tribal Area Qabaili,s in 4 days

2 US drones are shoot down by  Qabaili,s of Pakistani Tribal areas in last fours days. Tribal area is in NWFP prvoince of Pakistan which has borders with Afghanistan.

In Tribal areas Americans have done hundreds of Drone attacks in last few years in which more than 1000 innocent Pakistani people are died. US do drone attacks by saying that they are killing Alqaeda terrorists but not more than 10 Al qaeda people are killed till now in these drone attacks but the Civilian killings are over 1000.

Three days ago when a American drone came to attack in Tribal areas and it was flying low Qabaili,s of Tribal areas started firing on it and shoot it down.

The person which shoot down that drone got a brand new Car as a gift from Qabaili leaders and people also appreciated him. one day ago another Americans drone was shoot down by Qabaili,s according to Media reports. another thing to clear is that Qabaili,s are local people they are not Taliban or in any group. Pakistan Air force has said several times that they have the ability to shoot down the drones in seconds but we need Government approvement for that.