Americans: Do More - Pakistan: No More

This time again American Secretary of State Robert Gates came to Pakistan with agenda of do more to launch a operation against Jalal ud deen Haqqani group in North Wazirastan the group that not attacks any Pakistani but fighting against Us and Nato troops in Afghanistan. Pakistan reply to American Secretary of State Robert Gates was clear "No More". Pakistan army has cleared to Robert Gates that we are already fighting on two places and cannot start another operation. Pakistan has also cleared we will do what will be in our national interest.

on other hand this month again is proving to be deadly for the Nato and Americans and after the recent attacks of Taliban on Kabul even General David Petrus said these attacks show the courage of Taliban. the present Fasad in Pakistan and Afghanistan is due to American and Nato presence in the Afghanistan the day Americans and Nato will leave Afghanistan Indians who are sitting under their umbrella in Afghanistan will also run away and that day will bring peace in Pakistan Afghanistan as well as Iran.