Americans want to run from Afghanistan with help of $500 Million

For last 9 years after 9/11 Americans and Nato tried everything to defeated the Afghan Taliban and other freedom fighters with weapons with money by creating disputed between them they tried everything but today After 9 years they are accepting the defeat and history is repeating itself in Afghanistan what happened with British and Russia now with Americans.

Governor of most Afghan provinces follows orders of Afghan Taliban and Western world is now talking about dialogues and going from Afghanistan. Americans are offering $500 Millions for their safe Exit from Afghanistan. Americans and Nato has realized now that they have no other option but to leave Afghanistan as soon as possible but they want it with some dignity intact this is why they are trying to Buy Taliban.

in short its a try to save Karzai government with $500 Million. it really looks like a joke to me. Afghan Taliban are not fighting for $500. they will continue to struggle even if $5000000 million is offered to them. today Afghan people are standing with them. So the conclusion is Karzai government cannot be saved.