Asif Zardari tune suddenly changed on Kashmir

President Asif Zardari tune is suddenly changed on Kashmir and he has started giving statements in favor of Kashmiri's rights and in response to India.

Today President Zardari said we have got the Pakistan now we will get Kashmir, Kashmir is our Shahrag, we will coutinue to support Kashmiri's till end. Yesterday President Zardari said that our wish of Peace must not be considered weakness. we days ago also Zardari gave statements in support of Kashmiri's.

This is the same Zardari who last year even  declared Kashmiri Mujahideen as terrorists and was not ready to respond any Indian statement again Pakistan or in support of Kashmir. Why this sudden change. i just can guess i think it is army Pressure. anyway the good thing is that Zardari has spoken in support of Kashmiri's leave it aside why?