Everyday More than 200 Indian Women are Becoming Prostitutes

According to Indian Prajnya Report Everyday more than 200 Indian women are becoming prostitutes and Rape is fastest increasing crime of India in last few years. large no of number of women faces Sexual violence everyday. The report is clearing that India is actually becoming hell for Women.

just few days back an Ndtv report also come according to which more than 96% Delhi women feels unsafe.

the reasons are clear firstly still large no of people in India considers girls birth not good and goes for abortion due to which female population is very much less in India as compare to males. When women will be less then men such incidents of rape, harassment prostitutes will become more common. another reason of so much women becoming prostitutes is poverty. there is extreme poverty in India.

you will find millions of people in india who sleeps on footpaths in night. but still Indian Barahman zionists dont care. they are spending billions in spreading terror in neighbour countries Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal but don,t care about their own people.