Gold for Temples Poverty for Humans in India

India is a country where common man is extremely poor. There is no equal distribution of wealth and most of Wealth is in hands of a few people. only 36 families of India has $191 billion which is equal to 1/4 of total Indian short 25 percent wealth of India is in hand of 36 families of India which are mostly Barahmans.  In Islam we have a beautiful system of Zakat of helping the Poors but In India they prefer to give their wealth to Temple Idol Lords instead of Poors mostly.

Few days ago a very Rich Politician of Hindu Extremist Party given the a 16 kg diamond studded crown to Lord Balaji whose price is 45 Carore Indian Rs. That Crown will be just put on the head of Lord Balaji Idol. This is common in India. There are uncountable Temples where Gold crowns are given to Idol Lords of billions of Rs.where humans are dying for food you are giving diamond studded crowns to Idols.