Hindu Extremists Group Shiv Sena doing dirty Politics again

Hindu Extremist Group Shiv Sena is again Showing it hatred even for very Secular Muslims Like Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan and trying to bright their dirty Politics.

From Last three these this Hindu Extremist Group Shiv Sena is targeting Actor Shahrukh Khan just for saying that it was wrong not to Include Pakistan Players in IPL today they even Called Shahrukh as traitor. another Actor Aamir Khan is also targeted for Shiv Sena for the same reason. Shiv Sena also called thes two Muslim actors as 2 Idiots.

Now My Question to Bal Thakray to whom i usually call Bala Badmash. So Bala Badmash why you not spoken against your own friend Amitabh Bachan also for saying the same in an interview that Pakistani players must be included in IPL. is the reason that he is hindu and your friend?

Now we talk about the past of this Hindu Extremists Group Shiv Sena. This is the same group which played a major role in killing of thousands of Muslims in Gujrat riots and killings of Muslims in Mumbai. this group has also done hundreds of attacks on churches of Christians. India which calls itself a Secular country must take care of such groups first that are alive examples of Extremism and terrorism.