Indian Politics Even takes over Sports no Pakistan Player sold in IPL auction

It looks like that Indian Politics has even taken over the sports today in Indian Premier League auction no Pakistani players was bought by any team while the Pakistani players are the best in T20 Cricket and Shahid Afridi most popular T20 Player.

Shahid Afridi has said that is the insult of not only Pakistani players but Pakistan not including us in any team after adding us in the auction. Shahid Afridi said we are the champions of T20 and India and IPL has made fun of us after including us in IPL auction. Abul Razzaq said that all this looks like planned strategy between Indian government and IPL not including us in team after including in IPL auction.

He also rejected this statement that Pakistani players Presence in IPL was not confirmed by saying that we are free next three months and also we have got NOC and where allowed to play by both governments.

Sohail Tanver said that this decision is clearly taken on Political ground not the sports which is actually against the image of Sport.