India shouts about Mumbai but what about Samjhota Express attacks?

India is continuously shouting about Mumbai attacks but what about Samjhota Express attacks? in which more than 70 Pakistan,s where burnt alive in Samjhota Train and it was also proved that Indian army Karnal and Hindu terrorists where involved in that attack. But no future action is taken by Indian authorities about that matter.

After Samjhota Express attack as usual Indian media blamed Pakistan ISI and Lashkar Taiba for this attack becaue its India,s habit to blame Pakistan even if a birds die in India. but later on in investigation it was found that it was Indian army own Karnal and Hindu terrorists who burnt alive hundreds of people including 70 Pakistani,s in samjhota express train. it was also found that this karnal and hindu terrorists also done many other attacks which where first blamed on Muslims but why India is not taking actions about this matter?