Indian Dirt Exposed again

we keep on exposing real dirty face of India which they tries to hide through Bollywood, Shinning India etc and try to show the world that India  is a very secular democratic and progressing country.

But the real face of India is full of dirt with discrimination on minorities, terrorism against Kashmiri people, Poverty and no rights of women. today we are going to share another interesting report with you which exposes India.

According to report of Times UK More than half of Indian population defecates in the open. More households have TV than toilets. according to this report 660 million Indians defecate openly and more people have Televisions in their houses as compare to toilets.

India has a very bad sewage system. after reading this report my question is same to Indian leaders shame on you you invest billions to spread terrorism in Neighbours countries specially in Pakistan but cannot give toilets to your own people.