New India Pakistan Peace Drama Aman Ki Asha

Just After the few hours when the Indian army Chief General Deepak Kapoor was giving the statement of taking over Pakistan in few hours and attacking Pakistan and China at same time Some Indian and Pakistani main stream Media started a new drama of Peace between India and Pakistan named as Aman ki Asha.

Such things where also done before but what happened of them?  India started blaming Pakistan without any proofs and the same Indian media which is saying Aman ki Asha now was saying Chand Kadam aur Pakistan Khatam. Our Coward Neighbour has never accepted us from Heart.

India is stopping our water by making dams in Kashmir, funding terrorists groups like TTP and Bla that are doing serious terrorism inside Pakistan.

Our enemy is killing us on one side and talking about Peace on other hand it is reminding me of Chankia ideology on whom Indian foreign Policy is based on. So Pakistan must watch what is actually behind this new Aman ki Asha drama by Indians.