Pakistani Youth get up to respond enemies Propaganda online

Indian and other enemies of our country Pakistan are using Internet to spread lies and fake Propaganda against Pakistan. They try to show Pakistan as a terrorist state and spread massive lies against Pakistan army and ISI. There are thousands of blogs, sites and videos coming up that are attacking Pakistan.

but how many blogs, sites and videos we are uploading to reply to this fake Propaganda against our Pakistan? Pakistani youth need to come up to respond to our enemies in the Internet media war. there are some blogs and sites that are responding and exposing our enemies like Pakistankakhudahafiz and Brasstacks but they are very few we need many more.

i request our youth who spend there times in listening songs, chatting and other things online that Pakistan need you. its easy and cheap make blogs, sites upload videos. i myself don,t English completely but i am trying my best.

Indians are famous for doing dirty fake Propaganda and converting truth into lie and lie into truth always we just need to respond them with truth and expose their reality.