Second core commander conference within 20 days held in Pindi

Second core commander conference took place within 20 days in Rawalpindi under army Chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani. core commander conferences are always held to discuss the important issues or when the situation is series. i think there are two reasons why this conference is held second time within the twenty days first reason is the stupid statements of Indian army Chief of attacking Pakistan and China to whom General Tariq Majeed has already responded.

And second reason for this is the pressure by Americans on Pakistan to attack Jalal ud deen Haqani network in Noth Wazirstan because few days ago 8 American intelligence agency CIA members are killed in a attack in Afghanistan near Pakistan border and Americans are saying this is done by Haqqani network.

this was deadliest attack for CIA in last 25 years. but Pakistan army will not go to North Waziristan because Pakistan army is already involved in operation against Hakeemullah group also called Fake Taliban. secondly Haqqani network never attacked Pakistan and thirdly the aggression which is Indian,s showing by their statements.