Seminar in India targeting the Balochistan

on 10th January 2010 there is a Seminar going to be held in India targetting the Balochistan in which some Pakistani,s are also invited. Main stream media is showing this seminar as a peace process between Pakistan and India in actuall it is to target Balochistan and Kashmir backed by Raw. this Seminar is to discuss autonomy for Kashmir and Balochistan.

the name of conference is India-Pakistan Conference-A Road map towards peace but on special request of India Raw topic of autonomy for Kashmir and Balochistan will also be discussed.  the purpose of this Seminar is to show comparison between the Indian occupied Kashmir freedom movement and Raw backed separatist movements in Balochistan.

now i will share the name of the Pakistani's that are invited in this Seminar. read these names carefully all of these people are those who speaks against Pakistan army, Kashmiri mujahideen, talks about reducing Pakistan defense budget, talks about friendship with Indians.

Iqbal Haider  Human right activist and PPP former minister.
Asma Jahangir Human right activist.
Malik Siraj Akbar anti Pakistan journalist also read in India.
Senator Hasil Khan Bazinjo.
Madeeha Gauhar theatr artist and Human rights activist
and some other people.

no official of Pakistan Government is invited. Mr Iqbal Haider has called this Seminar a good step for Peace between India Pakistan. but actually this Seminar is just to malign Pakistan, Pakistan army, Kashmiri,s and support terrorism in Balochistan.