US behind recent Google Drama in China

US is behind recent Google Drama in China where Google threatened China of ending its services in China. In China many websites and keywords searches are blocked while US and Google says that it is against the freedom of speech and Media. Google is doing all this by backing of US.

China is blocking different sites and keywords to stop Media propaganda that is spread by US against China. China don,t wants this propaganda to reach Chinese public through internet. in Internet and very large no of people use Internet. Internet is no dout Media of future.

Media is a very powerful thing and can convert white into black and black into white. so China is doing right by blocking specific sites and keywords but US wants China to open these sites and keywords searches and also using Google for this purpose.

But Chinese government has cleared that every Internet company is welcome in China but it will have to follow the rules set by the government of China. i also think these are only threats by Google. it cannot leave a very big market like China.