25 Afghan Soldiers Joins Afghan Taliban

Afghan officials has confirmed that More than 25 Afghan National army soldiers left their check post with heavy weapons in province Dardik and joined the Afghan Taliban.

Afghan Taliban has also confirmed this news. Afghan National army chief has claimed that the big reason of Soldiers leaving the army and joining Afghan Taliban is less salary while i think it is not truth because Afghan Taliban don,t fight for money if these Soldiers left Afghan National army for money then why they joined Afghan Taliban.

while biggest Ever operation of last 9 years in Afghanistan in which 15000 Nato soldiers are taking part against 2000 Afghan Taliban is continued in Hilmand province in which yesterday 6 Foreign soldiers including 2 British soldiers are killed.

19 Foreign soldiers are killed in this operation in last 3 days while Afghan Taliban has claimed that the No. of Afghan and Foreign soldiers that are killed is far high than told by officials. the real fight is going in Marjah city of Hilmand province between Afghan Taliban and Nato forces because there are large no. of Afghan Taliban in Marjah city.