5 February Kashmir Solidarity day

Today Pakistani's and Kashmiri's are observing Kashmir Solidarity on 5 February. the day started by giving appreciations to martyrs of Kashmir by doing 1 minute silence. different rallies are also organized in different cities. People also made a chain of human hands at mangla bridge. Protests also took place in different cities of occupied Kashmir. Kashmir Solidarity day is observed every year on 5 February to show Solidarity with people of Kashmir for their long struggle of freedom from India. Indian forces are occupying Kashmir from last 62 years but People of Kashmir are struggling for their freedom.

In Just Last 20 years 93700 people are martyred by Indian army in occupied Kashmir. Thousands of women are sexually harassed and raped. There are very few houses in Kashmir of which son, father or brother is not martyred by Indian forces. But people of Kashmir are continuing the struggle of freedom even after giving so much sacrifices. India which talks about Democracy and Secularism occupied Kashmir is an alive example of Indian real face. More than 7 Lakh Indian forces are still occupying Kashmir. But people of Kashmir will continue their struggle of freedom from Indian occupation until the last drop of blood.