Afghan Taliban targets Kabul again

Yesterday Afghan Taliban has targeted the Afghanistan Capital Kabul again with a massive suicide attack in high security area where most of foreigners where living. in the attack 17 people where killed including 9 Indians.

Afghan Taliban has taken the responsibility of this attack. due to attack one Guest house was completely destroyed while other was badly damaged. 5 Afghan Taliban attacked yesterday morning including one Suicide attacker in a very important area of Kabul. The firing continued for 2 hours between Taliban and Afghan Security forces. last month also Afghan Taliban done massive attacks in Kabul. by doing such attacks Afghan Taliban are proving that their influence is not only in other areas but also in Afghan capital Kabul.

Indians as usual have blamed Pakistan for these attacks because it is their old habit to blame Pakistan for anything in India or with Indians. on other hand the biggest operation in Afghanistan is continued in Marjah where Nato forces are facing huge resistance from Afghan Taliban. Nato forces are also going to start a big operation in Kandhar province of Afghanistan soon.