Afghan War can,t be won with Force: Gulbuddin Hekmatyar

Leader of third biggest group Hizb Islami fighting against Americans and Nato occupation in Afghanistan Gulbadeen Hikmat Yar has said in an interview with Express news that Afghan war cannot be won with Force and history also proves it. He said that if Americans gives date of going from Afghanistan we are ready to do dialogues and give Safe Exit to Americans.

He said that Americans are not able to win in 8 years then what they can do now? the result of Americans and Nato stay will be only that more dead bodies of American soldiers will go to America. American soldier don,t have courage to fight Mujahideen in mountains of Afghanistan. Hikmat yar said that Alqaeda is gone from Afghanistan then what Americans are doing here? Hizb Islami is fighting against foreign occupation from 40 years and it will continue to fight until the freedom of Afghanistan and Afghan people are with us.