America will run like Russia from Afghanistan: Hafiz Saeed

Ameer Jamat ud Dawa Hafiz Mohammad Saeed has said that America will run like Russia from Afghanistan i am watching a bright future of region and the time of difficulty is about to end. Americans and his allies will run away after defeat from Afghanistan. Hafiz Saeed was addressing in Hameed Nizami Hall in Program Issue of the day.

Hafiz Saeed said that Kashmiri,s have kept Kashmir freedom struggle alive by giving 1 Lakh sacrifices. Jihad Kashmir will succeed Inshallah and India is making dams in Kashmir on Pakistani water. Kashmir will become part of Pakistan including those dams. Hafiz Saeed said that Parliament must look towards Kashmir and Afghanistan policy and change it according to People,s wishes. India is feared to see Americans running from Afghanistan soon and India will have to pay for each drop of blood.