Can,t accept Every American Demand General Kiyani

Pakistani army Chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani has said that we cannot  accept every American demand and cooperation with them does not mean that we start doing whatever they ask. we will keep our national interest in mind before doing anything.  He was talking to Pakistani journalists and former army officers. General Kiyani said that Success without American help in Swat and Wazirastan operation is a great example set by Pakistan. we have given more sacrifices than anyone else.

He also said that i have told the General Mcckrystal that only way of winning in Afghanistan is public support not killing the people and even Americans are talking about dialogues now in Afghanistan. General Kiyani said that our main enemy is India and that has a historical perspective so we have told the Nato that Pakistan cannot accept Training of Afghan forces by India and its increasing influence in Afghanistan.