Chidambaram blames Pakistan of helping khalsa movement

India has a old habit of blaming Pakistan for anything that happens in India. Anything happens in India the blame will be on Pakistan. India don,t looks towards itself what is happening inside India. More than 20 separatist armed movements are working in India. Indian interior minister Chidambaram has yesterday blamed Pakistan of helping the Khalistan movement of Sikhs in Indian Punjab. Chidambaram said that Khalistan movement is getting the support from Pakistan. two days ago Khalistan movement posters where also found on walls of Delhi when people got up in the morning.

Khalistan movement is many decades old. it started in India after discrimination of Sikhs in India. in 1984 Indian army destroyed most Holy place of the Sikhs Golden temple in an operation and Thousands of Sikhs where killed at that time. After which this movement got lot of power. i will suggest Mr Chidambaram to look towards himself what you are doing. Stop discrimination of minorities if you want to stop such movements. Chidambaram must also not forget that shoe attack on him by a Sikh for not doing investigation of what happened with Sikh in 80,s.