China: India is one Decade behind in Missile Technology from us

China has said that India Missile Technology is one Decade Behind Chinese Missile Technology and we are far superior in Missile Technology than India.

Professor of Chinese Defence University Admiral Zhang Zaozang said on this Sunday that China don,t consider India its strategic opponent because its Defence Technology specially Missile Technology is at least 10 years behind from us. He said that India is still not able to hit North of China and it will have to work at least 5 years more for this on its Missile Technology.

He also rejected this news that India is ahead of China in inter scepter Technology. if we talk about Tanks performance in the night India army chief himself claimed a month ago that Indian tanks have only 20% ability of fighting in night while China have 100%. till now one War took place between China and India in 1962 in which China badly defeated India.