Dirty works of Bal Thackeray & Shiv Sena

Dirty Works of Bal Thackeray & Shiv Sena are increasing more and more. sometimes Bal Thackeray speaks against Muslims of India and sometimes calls Sonia Gandhi of congress as Italian Mummy. Recently Bal Thackeray & Shiv Sena decided to bright their politics by targeting most famous actor of India Shahrukh Khan just Because Shahrukh gave statement in support of Pakistani Players.

Hooligan word will also be small for person like Bal Thackeray who was involve in killings of thousands of India Muslims. He also played a major role in destruction of Babri Masjid. Many times he started riots against Muslims in Mumbai and Maharashtra. Other Extremist Groups Like BJP and RSS have also always supported Shiv Sena.

Because their aim is same ending Muslims from India. Many times Bal Thackeray has openly given statement of ending Muslims from India and Making Akhand Bharat. These Extremist organization uses Muslim bashing as a tool to win elections. Narendar Modi another Hooligan who was involve in killings of thousands of muslims Gujrat also uses this strategy to win elections.