India Begging America: Don,t go from Afghanistan

When the Americans are talking about dialogues with Afghan Taliban and Exit from Afghanistan India is begging Americans to not Leave the Afghanistan. Indians are under lot of pressure and want Americans and Nato to stay in Afghanistan. Because India will have several losses if Americans and Nato goes from Afghanistan. Firstly Pro Indian government in Afghanistan of Hamiz Karzai will end within weeks if Americans and Nato goes from Afghanistan. Hamid Karzai spent several years of his life in India and a pro Indian person.

second loss Indian will have is the billions of rupees that Indians have invested in Afghanistan for their benefits will go in nothing. the third loss to Indians will be that the India will not be able to spread terrorism  in Pakistan through Afghanistan that it is spreading now by funding BLA in Balochistan and TTP in NWFP province of Pakistan.

the fourth loss to Indians will be the Pakistan's Kashmir policy will change on Kashmir and Kashmiri Jihadi groups will again start getting power like they where until 2001 but in 2002 Pervez Mushraf banned Kashmiri Jihadi groups under American pressure after which Jihad Kashmir was reduced very much. Watching all this India is very upset and begging Americans to stay in Afghanistan but what Americans and Nato can do they will have to run away from Afghanistan in few years due to the conditions they are facing.