Indian Charges about Mumbai attacks are Baseless: Hafiz Saeed

Jamat ud Dawa Chief Hafiz Mohammad Saeed has said that Indian Charges about Mumbai attacks on me that i am mastermind of this attack and my Jamat is involved in this attack are absolute Baseless. Hafiz Saeed was giving an Interview to Al Jazeera Tv. Hafiz Saeed said that India always do Fake Propaganda and makes false report against me and my Jamat and this is how India is able to build some International pressure against us.

it is said by Indians that Jamat ud Dawa is the part of Kashmiri Freedom Fighter group Lashkar Taiba which was blamed for Mumbai attacks in which 160 people where killed in November 2008. After Mumbai attacks United Nations declared Hafiz Saeed and his organization Jamat ud Dawa terrorist.

Hafiz Saeed was house arrested and Jamat ud dawa assets where sealed in Pakistan after Ban by UN. Then Hafiz Saeed went to Lahore High court and won his case that He and his organization Jamat ud dawa has nothing to do with Mumbai attacks or terrorism. it is the same Jamat ud dawa which got award from United nations for doing most effective work in Earthquake of 2005 in Azad Kashmir.

This organization is also running hundreds of English Schools, Free Hospitals, dispensaries, Ambulance service etc. India is still continuously blaming Hafiz Saeed to be mastermind of Mumbai attacks while Hafiz Saeed has said that Indian Charges or baseless.