Indian explosive devices caught in South Wazirstan

Dawn news has reported this news that Pakistan army has said that they have caught Indian made explosive devices IEDs from TTP base while operation in South Wazirstan. These explosive devices IEDs are made in Gujrat India while Pakistani officials has said that they will raise this issue with India. this is not first time when Indian involvement in South Wazirstan and Balochistan is found but in the past as well several times Indian weapons and Money is caught from TTP terrorists.

While investigation TTP commanders also claimed that Indian raw funded them and provided them plans how and where to attack in Pakistan through Afghanistan border. India is heavily investing in Afghanistan and bringing its people to Afghanistan to destabilize Pakistan through Afghan border but Indian assets In Swat and Wazirastan are hit hard by Pakistan army and US under whom,s umbrella India is sitting in Afghanistan is not for a long time in Afghanistan now.