India's Water War against Pakistan

India is doing everything to make Pakistan weak. India is trying every method to create problems in Pakistan by funding terrorism, spreading disinformation by media, doing diplomatic  propaganda and stopping Pakistan water.

India is making dams on Pakistani water very fast in occupied Kashmir and diverting Pakistani Water due to which Pakistani rivers has reached low levels. Pakistani fields are not getting water and Pakistani water is continuously decreasing. India is violating Indo-Pak Indus water treaty of 1960 in which it was decided that which river's water will be used by which country.

at the same time India has started a new game plan they are planning with pro India Afghan government of Afghanistan to make a big dam on Kabul river that comes from Afghanistan to Pakistan.

By making this river the water that comes from Afghanistan through Kabul river will also stop and Pakistan will have more Water problem. the signs are clear our enemy is working on the game plan of destroying Pakistan without fighting by stopping its water now we have to decide how we will respond. Pakistan also have several choices if India not stops making these illegal dams.

firstly Pakistan can destroy those illegal dams by Surgical strikes or can destroy those dams in occupied Kashmir through Kashmiri Mujahideen because it better to die while fighting instead of dying due to water shortage.