Israeli President Targets Pakistani Nuclear Weapons

Israeli President Shimon Peres has said that world will have to think about the Nuclear Weapons of Pakistan because Pakistan is not a safe country and its Future is uncertain. Isareli President said that the wish of Arab Countries to become Nuclear powers is very dangerous and Muslim world having Nuclear weapons is a series thing. He said that one Atomb Bomb is equal to whole Army.

the above statement of Israeli President proves again that Israel can,t accept any Muslim country having Nuclear weapons because it well knows that Israel's wish of making Greater Israel can never come true until any Muslim Country has Nuclear weapons.

This is the reason Israel is dying to end Irans Nuclear program. while Pakistan's is already a Nuclear power so counter the threat of Pakistan Israel is fully supporting Pakistan's biggest enemy India because enemy of enemy is friend.

Israel is providing latest weapons, Radars, Jet fighters and every Military cooperation to India. Israeli army chief keep on visiting occupied Kashmir.

Very few people know that Israeli and India also launched a attack together on Pakistan's nuclear weapons when Zia ul Haq was president of Pakistan but Pakistan got the news of this attack few hours before the attack and threatened to attack Israeli and Indian nuclear arms due to which Israel and India changed the plan. in the past Many Arab Muslim countries tried to become Nuclear powers but Israeli made their efforts unsuccessful by killing their scientists and attacking their nuclear plants.