Karzai demands stop of innocent Afghan's killings by US & Nato

Hamid Karzai that is an American puppet President of Afghanistan even he has spoken out yesterday and demanded stop of innocent Afghan's killings by American and Nato Forces. Hamid Karzai said that Americans and Nato forces must stop entering in the houses of Afghan's in half nights. He also said that this war is against terrorism so killings of innocent Afghan people must stop.

Americans and Nato forces are showing their anger of defeat by Afghan Taliban on common Afghan people. every week several incidents of innocent Afghan's people killings by American and Nato Forces are taking place.

the two most hurtful incident where an Air attack by Americans on a marriage ceremony in which most of people that where present at ceremony where killed including groom and bride and another incident of Burning Holy Quran by American forces. one week ago 5 young Afghan students where killed by Nato forces. Due to these incidents the small support that Americans and Nato have in Afghanistan is also ending and people have started supporting Afghan Taliban.