Kashmiri's are not alone in struggle of freedom: Kashmir conference

on 5th February Kashmir day Jamat ud dawa held Kashmir conference in all the cities of Pakistan. Biggest conference was held in Lahore. Hafiz Saeed Chief of Jamat ud dawa said that Kashmiri's are not alone in struggle of freedom Every Pakistani is with them. He said that things are changing very fast in the region and India's last hope America is running from Afghanistan. He said that Muslims not forgotten Indian terrorism In Kashmir and what happened in Babri Masjid.

People also raised the slogans "Kashmir se Rishta Kaya Lailaha illa". Another speaker Moulana Ameer Hamza said that on watching American's situation in Afghanistan even Chadabaram is talking about dialogues. a old man of 60 years said that my 2 sons are martyred by Indian army even if i have 1000 sons i will sacrifice them for freedom of Kashmir.