Low Caste Hindus thrown out of India Gujrat village by upper caste Hindus

Low Caste Dalit people of Indian Gujrat Village Zinzuwada migrates from their village due to harassment and attacks of up caste Hindus of nearby Village.

The Whole Village was of low Caste Dalit Hindus and they keep on facing oppression of Uper caste People of near Villages due to which they decided to leave the village. Water of these low caste villagers was cut down while Police was also not ready to take any action so there was no other choice for them but to leave the village.

when India calls itself very progressive and secular country still there are millions of low Caste Dalit Hindus to whom even touching is considered to be wrong. They are not touched, not gets jobs and lives in extreme poverty. a very few percent Barahmans are sitting on most of Indian wealth which are still continuing this caste system just for their benefits.

Most of big Politicians and Businessmen of India are Barahmans that don,t let people of low castes come up. last week in my article i told you that just 36 families of India controls 1/4 Indian GDP and most of these families are Barahmans. if India really wants to become progressive and Secular it will have toe end this dirt Caste system and discrimination on minorities.