Nato Forces kills 33 Innocent Afghan people

Nato forces has once again showed their anger of defeat from Afghan Taliban on innocent Afghan people by killing 33 innocent Afghan people yesterday in Arazgan province of Afghanistan.

 Yesterday 3 Buses where going when Nato Jets attacked the buses where 33 people where killed immediately including 20 kids and women. Americans and Nato have lost the war in Afghanistan and now they are ending their anger by killing innocent Afghan people.

When 10 Americans are died anywhere the media gives it long coverage and uses the term Islamic terrorists done it Muslim terrorist done it but after killing 33 innocent Afghan kids and women no media coverage?

when Muslims are killed by Americans and Nato that is collateral damage but when few Americans are killed somewhere that is Islamic terrorism. why Double standards? By killing 33 Afghan people in one day Americans have created 330 New Taliban because their family members will pick up guns now to take revenge from Americans.