New Joint Dirty work of TTP and Indian Raw of killing Sikhs

Indian funded fake Taliban group TTP and Indian intelligence agency Raw has done new joint dirty work against Pakistan. two days ago TTP beheaded 2 sikhs in Wazirstan area of Pakistan after which Indian media launched massive propaganda against Pakistan and tried to show the world that Pakistan is not a safe place for Sikhs.

Indian media also added a lie with the news that the relatives of Sikhs that are killed have demanded Indian citizenship. TTP is a indian funded terrorist group which has killed thousands of Pakistani,s and Pakistan has large no of proofs that TTP has connections with Indian raw. Just 3 days ago Indian explosive devices are caught from TTP terrorists.

Sikh Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee of Pakistan has done a press conference and condemned Indian false Propaganda. they said in press conference that India is giving wrong color to this news and Pakistan is not less than heaven for Sikhs we are safe here. but now lets talk how India treats the Sikhs. India is on no.2 in religious discrimination in world.

i hope nobody have forgotten Indian army operation on Golden temple that is most important religious place of Sikhs. Golden temple was badly destroyed in that operation. thousands of Sikhs where killed by Indian army and Khalistan movement started in Indian Punjab for freedom from India. Indian government has still not done investigation of that operation due to which just 2 months ago a Sikh hit shoe to Indian interior minister during a live press conference. So Indians must watch towards themselves before doing false propaganda against Pakistan.