Shinning Facts & Statistics about Shinning India

we keep on Exposing real face of so called Shinning and secular India on our blog. in the past we have discussed about discrimination on minorities and Extreme Poverty in India. Today we will be sharing some interesting Facts &  Statistics which shows how much secular and progressive India is actually which they keep on claiming.

1 India is no. 1 country in the world where killings in name of religion takes place. there are dozens of Hindu extremist organizations like Shiv Sena, RSS who keep on killing people of other religions.

2 India is on no. 2 in whole world in religious discrimination. from Babari Masjid to Gujrat killings of Muslims and from Orisa killings of Christians to 84 Sikh killings in Punjab shows the real face of India. Hindu Extremist groups keep on doing persecution of minorities in India.

3 In India there are more than 22 armed movements that are struggling for freedom from India. Groups like Maoists and Naxal  are spreading in more and more states. Just today Maoists has killed 17 Indian police men.

4 More than 96% Women of Indian Capital City Delhi feels unsafe. There is high rate of sexual harassment and rape in India. India have more Men as compared to women because Women are abortioned if they have female baby.

5 More than half population of India around 65 Caror defecate everyday on open places because there is no latrine in their houses.

6 More than one million people just do work of cleaning defecate of above 65 Caror.

7 In India more People have Televisions in their houses than Latrines.

8 Most of Indian wealth is in few Barahman families hands. 1/4 of Indian wealth is in just 36 families hand.

9 Many Temples idols having Crowns of Gold of billions of Rs but millions of people sleep without food.