Some reasons of terrorism World not looks towards

Everyone talks about Terrorism that terrorism must be ended these terrorist organizations must be ended. Some people equated Terrorism with Islam. but i think there are two reasons why these people picks up guns. Those two reason are Injustice and occupation of the lands. Just search for the occupied lands of the world. Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Bosnia, Palestine.

When the foreign forces will occupy a land its a natural thing such organizations will come into existence who will fight for freedom. Lashkar Taiba was made due to occupation of Kashmir by Indian army. Hamas is fighting for the freedom of Palestine.

All these groups in Afghanistan where build when Afghanistan was occupied by Russia and USA. if you don,t want such organizations to build up leave the lands of Muslims. Second major reason is Injustice. When a Muslim of Indian Gujrat sees her sister raped by Hindu Extremists of RSS and Bajrang Dal he has not other choice to pick up the gun.

How many people picks up guns just because they don,t gets justice. so the two main solutions of ending terrorism is Justice and ending occupation of Muslims lands.