Two University Professors use dirty language about Iqbal & Jinnah

Dr Aisha Siddiqa teaches in Defense department of biggest University in Pakistani Capital Islamabad and also comes in different talk shows on TV channels while another Professor A.h Nayyar who also teaches in a famous University NUML where found using dirty language against Founding fathers of Pakistan. Dr Aisha Siddiqa was found calling Allama Iqabal and Quaid Azam Homosexual on Facebook while talking with an Indian journalist Subroto Roy yesterday.

A.h Nayyar sent Email to his group members on Yahoo groups that we must spread fake information about founding fathers of Pakistan like Quaid Azam ate Pork meat. no action is taken yet against these two professors who are playing with young minds in Universities. Government has set laws that sending wrong email and sms messages against government is crime while these two are writing against founding father of Pakistan. Government must take strict action against them.

In Below Photos you can see their messages: