US Divide and Rule Policy about Muslims

Muslims enemies know that they can never defeat Muslims until Muslims are together so they always tries hard to divide Muslims to weak them and then defeat them.

i thought of writing about this topic after reading a recent statement of American secretary of state Hillary Clinton on Saudi Arabia tour she said in a conference a Nuclear Iran will be a big threat for Arabs and Saudi Arabia as well. By saying this America is trying to create dispute within Muslims on Shia Sunni Basis to get its own benefit.

if we see in the past America is doing it continuously. In 80,s they created Sadam Hussain to use him against Iran. Iraq Iran War continued for 10 years in which America was backing Iraq. now after 20 years Americans declared the same Sadam terrorist whom they build up and this time they used Shia,s against Sunni,s of Iraq to take control of the country.

Shia,s and Sunni,s where living from 350 years together in Iraq no dispute took between them but after American invasion in Iraq we everyday listen news of Shia killing Sunni and Sunni killing Shia in Iraq. The same thing Americans are doing In Pakistan to create dispute between Pakistan and Iran by funding a group Jandullah in Pakistan that kills Shia,s of Iran in name of Islam. Muslims need to wake up don,t get used in hand of enemies.