US & Nato Starts biggest operation till now in Helmand

US and Nato forces has started biggest operation ever in last 9 years in Afghanistan yesterday in Hilmand province of Afghanistan.

Thousands of American and Nato forces are going to take part in this operation with help of Air force while helicopters has started dropping Soldiers in different areas of Hilmand. Hilmand is considered a strong hold of Afghan Taliban Mula Umar group and they have decided that 2000 Taliban are ready to Face US and Nato forces in Hilmand province.

Different defense and strategic like Col Imam and Hameed Gul has said that US and Nato forces will not be successful even in this operation like operations of last 9 years in Afghanistan. Col Imam said that Afghan Mujahideen fights with power of faith and if one person of a family dies his other family members starts fighting against Americans and Nato so it is impossible to win in Afghanistan. General Hameed Gul said today Afghan people are supporting Afghan Taliban and Americans and Nato are going from Afghanistan in maximum two years.