Voice of America on Geo news spreading American Propaganda

it is a well known fact in Pakistan now that some of the Main stream Media specially Geo TV is spreading lot of disinformation and tries to show maximum such news which makes people depressed. when a bomb blasts tooks place they show it like a war is started, Dead bodies, people crying are openly showed.

Hamid Mir's that Video is also available on Youtube in which he claimed few months ago that Peshawar is about to fall in hands of TTP and most of NWFP is no more part of Pakistan but time proved that he was lying. After Mumbai attacks as well Geo news worked against National interest.

Programs Like Ghamdi are doing nothing but creating wrong concepts in minds of youth about Islam. i don,t mean that all the media is corrupt but few elements in the media are doing this.

Another program Voice of America pays Geo TV for showing their program. in this program Americans tries to spread their dirty propaganda about Iran, Afghan Taliban and tries to improve their image.

we can say that Geo TV become CNN or BBC in those 30 minutes in which Voice of America comes because according to them American occupation on Afghanistan and Iraq is justified and those who are trying for freedom of their lands are terrorists. Irani Nuclear program is wrong Obama polices are right. but the good thing is that still there are many elements in Pakistani media that keeps National interest above money.