Why India coming Back to dialogues with Pakistan?

Suddenly in last few days India has invited Pakistan to start dialogues with again. Before it India was not ready to do dialogues with Pakistan then why this sudden change? This change in India tune is came due to changing situation of Afghanistan. Americans and Nato and talking about dialogues with Afghan Taliban and going soon from Afghanistan after losing badly. in recent developments on Afghanistan Pakistan has got more importance while India is sidelined by world.

India is watching it billions of Rs invested in Afghanistan sinking. this is why India is talking about dialogues with Pakistan again. Another reason was pressure by West. Jamat ud Dawa Leader Ameer Hamza said that watching America beaten up so badly in Afghanistan even Chadambaram is talking about dialogues with Pakistan.

the result of these dialogues will be as usual nothing because a country which has not accepted you from heart and doing everything to destroy you how he can do dialogues that will give you any benefit and history also proves it.