Another Women Molested In Bihar India in front of Public

Another Women Molested In Bihar India in front of Public in few days. Public enjoyed it instead of stopping.

India ends its programs in Afghanistan

Indian has announced to end its Medical and Educational programs in Afghanistan due to fear of more attacks on Indians working in Afghanistan. Indians in Afghanistan thinks that are specially targeted in some of recent attacks so remaining in Afghanistan cane be dangerous for them.

Last month on 26 February 17 Indians where killed in Kabul in attack of Afghan Taliban. Afghan Taliban took responsibility of this attack and said India is helping Nato forces is Afghanistan so we have right to attack Indians.

India blamed Pakistani intelligence agency ISI and Lashkar Taiba for attacks on Indians in Afghanistan but the attacks where done by Afghan Taliban and they also took the responsibility of these attacks. Many Analysts believes that Land of Afghanistan is converted into place of war between Pakistan Intelligence agency ISI and Indian Intelligence agency Raw.

Nato Forces kills a pregnant women in Afghanistan

Nato Forces kills a pregnant women in Afghanistan

India unhappy on China Bangladesh increasing relations

There is no Neighbour country of India with whom it is has good relations whether it is Pakistan, China, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka non of these country is very close to India. Indian hands are also found in terrorism on some of theses countries but the latest bad news for India which is making Indian officials very upset is increasing relations between Bangladesh and China. According to Bangladeshi Media Indian officials are really upset on increasing cooperation between Bangladesh and China in different sectors.

This increasing cooperation between Bangladesh and China effected India Bangladesh relations so much that Bangladeshi Foreign Secretary needed to give the statement that relations between Bangladesh and China will not effect relations of India and Bangladesh. China is doing cooperation with Bangladesh in sectors of Railway, Ports and making streets these days. China is also interested in investing on different sectors in Bangladesh in future. India is not happy with changing situation of the region and if US and Nato forces also left Afghanistan in next few months India will be even more problems.

My Favorite National song during childhood Dil Dil Pakistan

My Favorite National song during childhood Dil Dil Pakistan

Video of Swat Girl flogging proved Fake

Almost 5 months ago a Video spread all over Media on TV channels and Internet in which few Pakistani Taliban where showed flogging a 17 years old Girl in name of "Islamic Shariah" in Swat city of Pakistani province NWFP. After coming of this video some so called Secular and Liberal elements started targeting Islam and Shariah.

This Video was used by Anti Islam elements to give wrong image to Islam and declare Shariah a Barbaric thing. This Video got millions of views on Youtube and International Media used it to target Islam.

But Yesterday Pakistan Law-enforcement agencies has caught the Maker of this video who has claimed that this Video was fake and he got 1 Lakh Rs for making this video from a NGO. The girl who was showed in the video also got 1 Lakh Rs. The Video was actually made to defame Islam, Shariah, Jihad and Pakistan.This video is the latest example how some Anti Islam elements are using Media to play their dirty game against Islam.

American officials declares Drone attacks legal

Pakistani officials has returned from America yesterday after doing dialogues and claiming that dialogues where very successful and now we have said do more to America instead of listening do more fro them. After 24 hours Pakistani officials have returned for the first time American officials has declared drone attacks in Pakistan legal.

Legal Advisor of American state department Hairword Koh declared drone attacks legal while addressing in a conference. He said we have the right to do drone attacks on Al Qaeda and Taliban wherever we found them because they are enemy of America. He said America has in armed war with Al Qaeda and Taliban after 9/11 so we have legal right of targeting them anywhere.

This is another Example how American converts lies into truths and makes illegal legal for their benefits. In drone attacks more than 1200 innocent Citizen of Pakistan are died having nothing to do with Taliban and Al Qaeda.

A song dedicated to Muhammad Ali Jinnah - Milat ka Pasban hai

A song dedicated to Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah Founder of Pakistan - Milat ka Pasban hai

Shame on you Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi

This is Foreign Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan joining head with Foreign Minister of that country which kills your innocent citizen almost everyday in Drone attacks. This is Foreign Minister of that country about which it is said that its people have left smiling because its the country where everyday innocent people are killed, there is no water, there is no electricity. but the Foreign Minister of this country is smiling like that America has declared Pakistan is part or Pakistan is declared an American state officially. So much love with those who kills your innocent people everyday with drones?

US India and Israel wants to Break Pakistan: Syed Salahuddin

Supreme Commander of Hizbul Mujahideen Syed Salahuddin has said that Israel India and US wants to Break Pakistan together and thousands of Raw agents are working in Afghanistan to destabilize Pakistan from Afghan-Pak Border.

He said Raw is heavily funding Balochistan Liberation army and other Anti Pakistan forces which are destabilizing Pakistan. Syed Salahuddin was addressing to Islami Jamiat Talba Students in Lahore.

He said Victory or Shahdat is slogan of Hizbul Mujahideen and there is no other solution of Kashmir except freedom. we will continue to struggle for freedom of Kashmir until the last drop of our blood. He also criticized the polices of Pakistani Government. Other leaders of Jamat Islami also addressed. Siraj ul Haq of Jamat Islami said Black Water is openly operating in Pakistan and involved in illegal activities.

US is using Google Proxy against China: Webster Tarpley

US is using Google Proxy against China: Webster Tarpley.

Nato denies to stop growing opium‎ in Afghanistan

Nato Forces has denied to destroy fields of opium‎ in Afghanistan by saying that we cannot destroy employment of Afghan people.

Russian drug control agency Chief Vicktra Evanon has said that we requested Nato forces to destroy all opium fields in Afghanistan but they have rejected our request by saying that we cannot destroy employment of Afghan people. Spokesperson of Nato James Appathurai has said that we will look into this matter with care because we don,t want to end employment of Afghan people.

Truth is that Afghan people are not growing opium but some criminals and people in Afghan Government including brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai. The amount earned from opium is used in terrorism and also effecting Neighbour countries. during the Government of Afghan Taliban growing opium was completely ended but after American and Nato attack on Afghanistan it has started again.

Barack Obama is a War Criminal for Drone attacks in Pakistan

American President Barack Obama is a War Criminal for Drone attacks in Pakistan on innocent people.

US blames Iran for training Afghan Taliban

American officials has blamed Iran that Iran is providing training to Afghan Taliban. Iran has rejected these blames strongly.

According to report of American TV CNN American Lieutenant Karnal Adword Sholts has said that Iran is giving training to Afghan Taliban and providing them weapons while it is not clear that Iranian Government is also supporting this or it is happening outside control of Iranian Government. Iranian officials has rejected this blame of Americans.

This is not the first time Americans are blaming other for their defeat in Afghanistan in the past they blamed Pakistan Intelligence agency ISI and China for helping Afghan Taliban against Americans. the thing is clear Americans want to make others responsible for their defeat in Afghanistan.

Most of Indian Weapons are Useless: Indian Media Report

Most of Indian Weapons are Useless: Indian Media Report

Strategies Dialogues with America are a mistake: Mirza Aslam

Former Pakistan army Chief Gen Mirza Aslam Baig has said that Strategies Dialogues with America are a big mistake of Pakistan and it will not benefit Pakistan in anyway.

Gen Mirza Aslam Baig said by these Strategies Dialogues America may provide some billion dollars to Pakistan but it can effect the future of Pakistan. at present Pakistani Taliban are our enemy but if we accepted American demands tomorrow Afghan Taliban will also become our enemy which will create a big problem for Pakistan.

He said Afghan Taliban don,t consider Pakistan a enemy till now and they never attacked Pakistan.

Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Army Chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani are in US and doing Strategies Dialogues with US officials.

Bait Ul Muqaddas is not occupied but our Capital: Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Netan Yahu has said that Bait Ul Muqaddas is not a occupied land but it is our Capital so its right to create building their. He also said that Iran must not be allowed to become Nuclear power otherwise it can be harmful for whole world. Netan Yahu has also met American President Barack Obama. America has promised to protect Israel and also promised to take action against Iran.

So these are the two countries America and Israel who calls themselves peaceful and declares Muslim as terrorists. Both of them are having Nuclear weapons but if Iran gets Nuclear weapons it will be wrong.

Both of them has killed millions of Muslims in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan but they both are peaceful. Israel has killed millions of Muslims, occupied Bait Ul Muqaddas, Siege Gaza so that food, Medicine don,t reach to people of Gaza but still Israel is not terrorist but Hamas is terrorist because it struggling for freedom of Palestine.

Israel is expanded 5 times as it was on day if its creation by occupying Palestine everyday still its a peaceful country but if someone struggles to take its land back that is terrorist. Why these Double standards???

Hizb Islami denies to do Ceasefire in Afghanistan

Hizb Islami of Gulbadeen Hikmat Yar which is third biggest group fighting against American and Nato forces in Afghanistan has denied to do Ceasefire in Afghanistan with Afghan and Nato forces.

Spokesman of Hizb Islami Haroon Zargon has said that dialogues does not means that we have accepted the Karzai government so we will not stop the fight. He said demand of Foreign forces from Afghanistan is same by Hizb Islami and Afghan Taliban and both of them will not put down the weapons.

He sadi dialogues will never succeed until Afghan Taliban are also included in dialogues so they must also be included and we are ready to contact them for this purpose.

He said basic purpose of Hizb Islami is freedom of Afghanistan from occupation of foreign forces and provide Afghan people a peaceful life. From last few months Americans and Nato Forces are trying to do dialogues with some groups and trying to buy some with money to get success in Afghanistan but the main man who is fighting for freedom of Afghanistan is Mula Umar Chief of Afghan Taliban so until he is included in dialogues there are no chances of Peace.

23 March 1940 Pakistan Day

23 March 1940 Pakistan Day

23 March Pakistan day

Today on 23 March People of Pakistan are celebrating Pakistan day. On 23 March 1940 almost 70 years ago Muslims of Sub-continent decided to Make their own Country Pakistan where they can live with freedom .

On 23 March 1940 Pakistan Resolution was passed in Lahore Minto Park where now Minar Pakistan is build. After passing this resolution of Making a separate country for Muslims where they can live with freedom Muslims got a separate Land in shape of Pakistan after hard work of 7 years and giving million of sacrifices on 14 August 1947.

Israeli Siege over Gaza is basic reason of Extremism: UN

Secretary General of United Nations Ban Ki Moon has said that Israeli Siege over Gaza is the basic reason of Extremism. He said that Israel has done Siege of Gaza from last three years from the day Hamas came into Government after winning the elections.

 Ban Ki Moon visited Gaza last week and said that People of Gaza are living in a unacceptable condition and my message for People of Gaza is that United Nation is with them in this difficult situation.

 My question to UN is when US attacks a Muslim country UN gives him permission and Forces of all Western countries also goes to help Americans in name of War on terror and kills Millions of innocent People but when Israel is killing innocent people of Palestine you are just giving statements after statements and not taking any practical step.

I agree with this statement of Ban Ki Moon that Israeli Siege over Gaza is basic reason of Extremism but this is also the case in other parts of world where Muslim lands are occupied by foreign forces and Muslim organization are fighting for freedom of their lands which are labeled as terrorists but no one see the basic reason that why these organization came into existence that is occupation of Muslim lands.

India is a threat to World Peace not us: Lashkar Taiba

Spokesman of Lashkar Taiba Dr Abdullah Ghaznavi has said that Lashkar Tabia is struggling for the freedom of occupied Kashmir from India and World don,t have any threat from Lashkar but from India who is watching dreams of Making "Akhand Bharat".

He said International Media is doing trail of Lashkar Taiba and we don,t have any International agenda except freedom of Kashmir. Dr Abdullah Ghaznavi was giving Interview to Pakistan Newspaper Express News.

He said that American foreign relations committee is under hold of India Lobby and America must work for freedom of Kashmir instead of blaming Lashkar Taiba. Kashmiri's struggle for freedom is accepted correct Internationally and even UN has passed resolutions about it. He said American congress must also demand end of Human rights violation by Indian army on people of Kashmir.

He said the blames on Lashkar Taiba by India are fake and we are not involve in any type of terrorism and Lashkar Taiba is a organization which is fighting against the occupation of occupied Kashmir by Indian army. Spokesman of Lashkar also said that Following Quran and Hadith is a important part of every Mujahid of Lashkar Taiba and Islam is a religion of peace which don,t allows innocent Killings and Jihad in Kashmir is against occupation and brutality of Indian army not civilians. 

He said India keep on doing Fake Propaganda against Lashkar Taiba to give it a bad image and end struggle of Kashmir freedom.

Destroying illegal Indian dams is not a big problem: Syed Salahuddin

Supreme Commander of Hizbul Mujahideen Syed Salahuddin has said that it is not a big problem for Mujahideen to destroy illegal Indian dames in Kashmir that are made to stop Water of Rivers that goes to Pakistan.

He said that If Mujahideen can cause loss of 2 Billion to India by destroying Woler Berag then destroying new dams is even more easy. He also said that India is trying to destroy Pakistani fields by stopping its water and making many new dams of water of Pakistan.

While talking about dialogues between India and Pakistan he said that there will be no benefit of dialogues with India because India is not serious about solving issues with Pakistan and till now 135 times dialogues took place between both countries but there was no benefit.

Fauj e Pakistan Hamari Pakistan army song

Fauj e Pakistan Hamari Pakistan army song

Propaganda against Muslims is wrong: Hafiz Saeed

Jamat Ud Dawa Chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has said that Propaganda against Muslims of Terrorism is wrong. He said while addressing with Khutba of Jumah in Masjid Al Qadsia that America, Israel and Indian are working on dangerous plans against Muslims and Muslims need to leave sectarianism and dividing into parties but we need to united.

He said that enemies of Islam can,t see Islamic organizations doing Welfare activities this is why they are doing fake propaganda against us. He advised Pakistani Government to leave American Slavery and work for strength of Muslims and Pakistan.

He said Islam is a religion of Peace and Love and Enemies propaganda of terrorism against it is incorrect. He said that thing of sorrow is that occupiers of Muslims lands are trying to show themselves as Peaceful while declaring Muslims as terrorists by occupying their lands and when Muslims gives sacrifices for freedom of their lands they are declared as terrorists. It is necessary for every Muslim to work for Islam and help his Muslim brothers that are in difficulty and we will become strengthful only when will be united.

Mullah Baradar was arrested by Pak to end dialogues: UN Ambassador

Former United Nations Ambassador in Afghanistan Kaai Edi has blamed Pakistan that Afghan Taliban leader Mula Baradar Abdul Ghani is arrested by Pakistan to stop dialogues for Peace between US and Afghan Taliban and due to his arrest all secret channels can be closed to do dialogues with Afghan Taliban while Pakistan has rejected these blames and said that arrest of Mula Baradar will not effect war of terror. Former UN Ambassador in Afghanistan  Kai Edi is from Norway and he was giving a Interview to a TV Channel yesterday.

He said that doing dialogues with Afghan Taliban leaders is a part of strategy for solution of Afghan problem.

He accepted in Interview that secret dialogues where started with Afghan Taliban last year and I contacted Mula Baradar and other Afghan Taliban leaders last year. He said that dialogues where going on with Afghan Taliban through Mula Baradar but after his arrest dialogues with Taliban are stopped and Pakistan not played the role which was required by him.

He said that arrest of Mula Baradar is not a coincidence but Pakistan has arrested him to stop dialogues and now it can take months or even years to start dialogues with Afghan Taliban again. Pakistani Government has strongly rejected blames of Former UN Ambassador and has said that such blames can effect War on terror. Pakistani Government has also said that arrest of Mula Baradar from Karachi was a great success.

Pakistan Air Force exercises High Mark 2010

Pakistan Air Force biggest exercises High Mark 2010

US must take practical steps now: Pakistan

Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said there are enough talks now its time to take practical steps for US. Pakistan has given many sacrifices in last 8 years now its time for US to do more. Shah Mehmood Qureshi said in Press Conference that we cannot leave our Eastern Border.

He said that India must end Cold war against Pakistan now and accept Pakistan from heart. He also said that Pakistan is a responsible Nuclear Power and we dont care whether someone accepts its or not.

Manmohan Sadness on another Indian Missile Test Failure

Indian P.M Manmohan Singh Sadness on another Indian Missile Test Failure.

Turkey: World's demand from Israel must also be same as from Iran

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyib Erdogan has said that Demand of world must also be the same from Israel as is from Iran.

Tayyib Erdogan was doing press conference in London. He said that Everyone knows that Israel has Nuclear weapons but no one speaks against it while everyone demands end of Iranian Nuclear Program. He said that Iran has the right to get Nuclear energy for civil purposes and those countries that are keeping Nuclear weapons has no right to stop Iran from getting Nuclear Technology.

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyib Erdogan also left the stage last year during a world conference as protest against Israeli terrorism on innocent people of Palestine.

Impact of Star One on Pakistani & Muslims Children

Impact of Indian Drama TV Channel Star One on Pakistani & Muslims Children

Freedom is a great blessing: Majeed Nizami

Chairman of Nazria-e-Pakistan Trust Majid Nizami has said that Freedom is great blessing of Allah Swt and we have got freedom in shape of Pakistan by giving many sacrifices. He said that Hindu is trying hard to destroy Pakistan and make Akhand Bharat but it will not succeed in its objectives.

Majeed Nizami said if someone wants to see the benefits of freedom he must visit India and see the condition of Muslims there. We must be thankful to Allah Swt for giving freedom to us. Majeed Nizami said that Pakistan will have to play its role in helping the minorities of India that are facing oppression of Barahman in India.

Pakistan must do dialogues with Mullah Umar: Hamid Gul

Ex-Chief of Pakistani Intelligence agency ISI Gen (R) Hameed Gul has said that Pakistan must start dialogues with Afghan Taliban Leader Mullah Umar.

Gen (R) Hameed Gul was giving an Interview to CNN in which he said that it is  necessary to start dialogues with Mullah Umar to bring Peace in Pakistan. He said that Mullah Umar is the main person with whom doing dialogues with be useful and nobody else. Gen (R) Hameed Gul also said that there is no proof that Afghan Taliban are involve in terrorism anywhere in the world.

One in Every Three Females in US Army is raped

One in Every Three Females in US Army is raped

Pakistani Taliban do blasts but India is funding them: Khawaja Sharif

Chief Justice of Lahore High Justice Khwaja Sharif has said that Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is doing Suicide attacks in Pakistan but India is funding them.

He said that a non muslim don,t have courage of doing such attacks but the money of Hindu is involve in these attacks. Justice Khwaja Sharif is considered one of the most honest Judge who also refused to take Oath under PCO by Pervez musharraf. He also stopped Government recently from handing over Afghan Taliban second top leader Mullah Baradar to Afghan Government.

American female agent arrested in Pakistan

On 13 March 2010 and American Female agent was arrested on Torkham border when she was trying to enter in Pakistan in Afghan Burqa from Afghanistan border.

Pakistani Border security forces arrested has her.

If Americans won in Afghanistan

It is almost 9 years when Americans attacked the Afghanistan and till now they are not able to win in Afghanistan. Afghan Taliban are still fighting how they where fighting 9 years ago. 29 Taliban leaders out of 32 that where Ministers in Taliban Government on Afghanistan are alive and fighting against Americans. Main three Leaders that are fighting against Americans in Afghanistan Mula Umar, Jalalud Deen Haqqani and Gulbadeen Hikmat Yar are also alive.

There are not much chances that Americans will now be able to win in Afghanistan. But in last few months Americans have change their strategy in Afghanistan. Hilmand that is a strong place of Taliban is attacked by American with heavy weapons and their support from Pakistani Pashtun areas is also reduced and thirdly Americans are trying to bring Iraq Model in Afghanistan according to which Americans are trying to create dispute within Taliban and trying to buy support of some Afghan leaders with money.First example of it came out when Afghan Taliban and Hikmat Yar group attacked each other few day ago.

Fourthly Americans are putting pressure on Afghan Taliban through Saudi Arabia and Pakistan to start dialogues. And sixthly Many Afghan Taliban leaders are arrested in recent years from Pakistan like Mula Baradar. so all these thing can make Afghan Taliban weak and Americans can win in Afghanistan. But there are very few chances of American success in Afghanistan but if Americans win in Afghanistan the situation for Pakistan and Iran will become very difficult as it is now. Afghanistan will become a permanent house of Anti Pakistan elements like Karzai and India and they will continue to support terrorism in Pakistan as they are doing now. on other hand Americans will continue to destabilize Iran by funding groups like Jundullah.

But most of former Pakistani army Generals like Hamid Gul and Col Imam believes that Americans can never win in Afghanistan and will leave Afghanistan in maximum two years. If Americans leaves Afghanistan soon it will be a very suitable situation for Pakistan because Indian and Karzai will also run with America and Afghanistan will again come under Afghanistan Taliban control that are not Anti Pakistan. Most importantly Terrorist organizations like BLA and TTP will also not be able to get heavy funds from Afghanistan.

American occupations around the world in past & present

American occupations around the world in past & present.

Who is behind recent Incidents in Pakistan?

From Last few years Pakistan is under massive Terrorism and facing Bomb blasts and suicide attacks almost every week. Large no. of people don,t know who is actually behind this terrorism? i asked this question from a experienced security expert and got these answers.

1 in Pakistan a group Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (not the Taliban that are fighting in Afghanistan) is doing these suicide attacks.

2 Indian raw is heavily funding this group and also doing many direct bomb blasts in Pakistan.

3 Americans CIA also buy people for doing bomb blasts and create sectarian violence in Pakistan.

4 Afghan Taliban are not involve in terrorist activities in Pakistan their agenda is freedom of their land Afghanistan.

5 The mistakes Pakistan army and Mushraf done after 9/11 we are facing the result of it today.

6 some attacks are also result of operations like Lal masid and Drone attacks but Raw and CIA are also using that hatred against common people of pakistan by backing Such people.

7 Recent example that also proves that America backs terrorism  is arrest of Group Jundullah's Leader Abdul Malik Rigi who was killing Shia's in name of Islam and after arrest he had admitted that CIA was backing us and i was on American base in Afghanistan 48 hours ago from arrest.

8 another example of it is Shia sunni where living with love from 350 years in iraq not a single incident of sectarian violence took place between them but now after Americans coming in Afghanistan we everyday seeing sectarian violence between shia sunni in iraq.

India to give one Trillion Rs to Anti Pakistan Taliban Groups

we have discussed this issue in the past as well which a large no. of people don,t know that there are different Taliban groups with different purposes, different leadership, different thinking and their funding sources are also different.

Afghan Taliban are fighting against the occupation of their land and they are not involve in innocent killings.but some group came into existence after 2006 who also kept their name Taliban but they kills only innocent people of Pakistan. one of these group is Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP) which has done deadly attacks on common People of Pakistan in name of Islam.

This group came into existence after 2006 and it is funded by Indian intelligence agency Raw while Afghan Taliban has never owned this grop. Pakistan army has several times caught Indian weapon from TTP terrorists. Indian Raw is heavily funding this group from Afghan Border.

Now according to a latest report Indian government has given plan to Indian raw to destroy Pakistani economy. According to this plan Indian Raw will give more than one trillion RS to these TTP terrorits who will do deadly attacks in Pakistan like they are already doing.

according to this report through Afghan Transact Trade Wine and Weapons are going to Afghanistan which is Raw providing to TTP. on term of not telling name a officer of ISI has told that Raw is heavily bringing containers of wine and weapons to Afghanistan.

Indians are not safe in Afghanistan

Indians are not safe in Afghanistan

Will not allow our Land to be use against Pakistan: Karzai

Afghan President Hamid Karzai said during his visit to Pakistan that we will not allow our Land to be used for Terrorism against any other country while the reality is that Karzai Government is fully supporting Indians in promoting terrorism in Pakistan from afghan border. below cartoon explains the situation very well.

Fight between Indian Interior Minister and Shahid Malik

During a Function in New Delhi Indian Interior Minister Chidambaram blamed Pakistan of doing terrorism in India after which Pakistani High Commissioner rejected his blames and War of words started between them.

Indian Interior Minister Chidambaram said that if Pakistan will continue to back attacks like Mumbai we will take strict action against Pakistan. Pakistani High Commissioner Shahid Malik said that India is involve in such activities not Pakistan and India is also backing terrorism in Bolachistan and Fata.

This Function was organized by  Indian Magazine India today in which different Indian officials and some Pakistani's where called. Interior Minister Chidambaram also blamed Pakistani Intelligence agency ISI for backing armed organizations like Lashkar Taiba and Hizbul Mujahideen and demanded handing over Jamat ud Dawa Chief Hafiz Saeed to India. Pakistani officials has said it several times that India has not provided any proof against Hafiz Saeed nor ISI is involve in Terrorism in India.

TTP & Raw targets Lahore again

Biggest city of Pakistani Province Punjab Lahore was under attack yesterday. First two suicide bombers attacked in R.A Bazar Cantt Lahore on army officers and common people in two suicide attacks killing 57 people and hundreds of people where injured.

Later on in the evening five more small attacks took place in Iqbal town of Lahore which where small attacks done only to frighten people and no killings or injuries took place in these attacks. TTP has taken the responsibility of the attack.

According to security experts and Government officials Indian intelligence agency Raw is providing Weapons. explosive devices and Money to TTP terrorists. it was also found that Indian intelligence agency Raw is trying hard to create sectarian violence in biggest city of Pakistan Karachi. Pakistan army has done operation against TTP in Swat and South Waziristan where these terrorists where badly defeated but still they are not ended completely and doing such activities against innocent people.

Col Imam trainer of Afghan Mujahideen during Afghan-Russia war

Col Imam trainer of Afghan Mujahideen during Afghan-Russia war

Hamid Karzai tune also changed after India & America

Just few days ago we find American and Indian tune changing about Afghanistan and Pakistan and Indians where thinking about ending its operations in Afghanistan and calling its citizen back from Afghanistan but yesterday we saw another person tune changed towards Pakistan due to situation in Afghanistan.

it was the same person who from last eight years helping Indians in destabilizing Pakistan by funding terrorist groups like BLA and TTP through Pak Afghan Border. it was the same person who was welcoming Indians in Kabul while targeting Pakistan.

I am talking about Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai. Karazi is on Pakistani tour from yesterday and yesterday his tune was very much changed about Pakistan. He said "India is a close friend of Afghanistan, but Pakistan is a twin brother". Hamid Karzai also said that we don,t want Pakistani and Indian proxy war in Afghanistan against each other nor we want our land to be used by any country against other country.

Hamid Karazi signal was clear he is ready to end heavy Indian influence in Afghanistan and wanting good relationship with Pakistan. you would like to know why this sudden change in Karzai? the reason is simple American and Nato defeat in Afghanistan and their possible exit soon from Afghanistan. watching this Hamid Karzai changed his tune towards Pakistan and got ready to reduce Indian influence in Afghanistan and requested help from Pakistan against Afghan Taliban.

India running from Afghanistan?

According to report of Indian News Channel CNN-IBN India has decided to end all of its operations in Afghanistan and has advised its Citizen present in Afghanistan to return back to India.

according to this report Indian Government is also thinking about ending its Projects in Afghanistan and India's Consulates in major Afghan cities as well. According to this report the reason of ending Indian operations is Afghanistan is recent Kabul attack on Indians by Afghan Taliban and some reports are saying that in this attack 4 Raw and 2 Indian army Majors where also killed.

In recent days Pakistan has raised the issue of Indian presence in Afghanistan on International level and demanded ending Indian role in Afghanistan because Pakistan found solid proofs of Indian involvement in terrorism in Balochistan and NWFP through Afghan border.

Even the basic purpose of Indian presence in Afghanistan was destabilizing Pakistan. India has no border with Afghanistan but India spent billions of Rs in Afghanistan and large no. of Raw and Indian army soldiers where present there. Now if India is really going from Afghanistan it will be a good sign for security of Pakistan.

Is US going to attack Iran in name of Nuclear Weapons?

Is US going to attack Iran in name of Nuclear Weapons? and will it be start of World War 3 if US attacks Iran?

US wants to see Israel as biggest power in region: Joe Biden

American Vice President Joe Biden has said that US wants to see Israel as biggest power in the middle east. He was giving a Interview to an Israeli Newspaper during his visit to Israel. Joe Biden said that US will fully support Israel if war took place between Iran and Israel and a Nuclear Iran is not only a big thread for Israel but for US as well. He also said that US is thinking about increasing the yearly aid to Israel and providing latest Missile technology to Israel.

This Interview shows the real face of US policy towards Israel and Palestine. US is providing billions of dollars and Weapons to Israel as aid with whom Israel is killing people of Palestine and occupying their land. US officials statement of solving Israel Palestine problem are nothing but just statements. Israeli zionist Jew lobby is very powerful in US and Barack Obama can never go against it. Zionist Jews are owners of big multinational companies even most of International Media including CNN, Fox News is owned by these Zionist Jews using whom they spread fake propaganda against Muslims.

ISI Chief General Pasha gets 1 year Extension in service

Pakistan intelligence agency Chief General Ahmed Shuja Pasha has got Extension of one year in his service. His service period was ending on 18 March 2010 but now he has got Extension in service for one year.

General Pasha will now retire on 18 March 2011.Extension in his service can be due to present developments in Pakistan and Afghanistan. At present Afghanistan Senario is changing fast and Pakistan is also facing different security threats so in this situation its better to keep the same person instead of bringing a new person as Chief of ISI.

Jamat ud dawa Chief Hafiz Saeed speech to Kisan Karwan

Jamat ud dawa Chief Hafiz Saeed speech to Kisan Karwan. This speech was done 3 March 2010 in Lahore. Hafiz Saeed said that we do Dawah of Islam with logic and wisdom and spreading Islam with Gun is not our way and Nor our Prophet Muhammd saw done it. Hafiz Saeed said that we will continue to support our Kashmiri brothers and sisters. following is an part of his speech.

Indian Daramai Media blames Lashkar Taiba for Kabul incident

Indian Daramai Media blames Lashkar Taiba for Kabul attack that took place a week ago and Afghan Taliban took its responsibility. But Indian Government and Media continued their fake propaganda against Pakistan and blamed ISI and Lashkar Taiba for this attack.

New Governor of Marjah city of Afghanistan is a Criminal

Abdul Zahir the person that is made new Governor of Afghanistan city Marjah that is recently taken by Nato and US forces by Taliban in a operation has a criminal record. Abdul Zahir remained for four years in Jail in Germany.

Present American Puppet Government of Afghanistan is already very famous for doing corruption and own brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai is a drug dealer and Abdul Zahir new governor of Marjah is another inclusion in corrupt and criminal persons list of Afghanistan Government.

Drugs are grown on large scale under the some officials of this government. Afghan Taliban ruled Afghanistan for very few years and in their Government they cleared each and every place of Afghanistan from drugs.

Report on Defence system of Pakistan army

Report on Defence system  of Pakistan army by Ary News.

Gen. (R) Hameed Gul answers critical Questions

Gen. (R) Hameed Gul answers critical Questions in Program Jawab Deh.

3 Raw Members and 2 Indian army Major also killed in Kabul attack

In recent Kabul attack that took place last week killing 17 People including 10 Indians while Afghan Taliban took responsibility of this attack. Indians as usual blamed Pakistan for this attack and started Media Propaganda that Pakistani group Lashkar Taiba has done this attack.

According to the report of an Pakistani Newspaper among 10 Indians that where killed in this attack 3 Indian intelligence agency Raw Members and 2 Indian army Majors where also included. it is also told in this report that Indian Security officials are really upset by killing of their people in this attack.

its an open secret that thousands of Indian intelligence agency Raw members are operating in Afghanistan near Pakistan border that are involve in terrorist activities in Pakistan. Several times Indian Weapons are caught in Pakistani Tribal areas. after two days of attack on Indians in Kabul 4 Pakistani's where killed that where working in Kandhar Province of Afghanistan. the recent developments are showing that Afghanistan is become battlefield between Pakistani intelligence agency ISI and Indian intelligence agency Raw.

6 Pakistani senators refuses body screening in US and come back

6 Pakistani Senators of Tribal Areas who where specially invited to visit US by the officials refused to do Body Screening and came back as protest without doing their tour. Senators said that we where specially invited to US and where told that our body screening will not be done but at Airport we where asked for body screening due to which we ended our tour as protest and came back.

 In Body screening at US Air ports complete body is shown. two days ago Two Muslim women also refused their body screening and accepted the loss of tickets but not gone through body screening.

Indian Famous Journalist Amresh Misra on Mumbai attacks & Karkare death

Indian Famous Journalist  Amresh Misra has said that Mumbai attacks was an inside Job and Israeli intelligence agency Mossad and RSS where involve in this attack. Amresh Misra was addressing with a Jalsa held in Indian city Allahabad.

Misra said that basic purpose of Mumbai attacks was killing Hament Karkare and those Police officers who where doing investigation on Hindu terrorism and found that Muslims where not involve in terrorism in India but Hindu extremist groups like RSS and Bajrang Dal where doing this while blame of these attacks was coming on Muslims. He said that Hament Karkare also caught Col Prohit and found the root of terrorism due to which drama of Mumbai attacks was done to kill him.

Amresh Mirsa said that the family member of Hament Karkare also wants investigation of his death. He said that Muslims are not doing terrorism in India and the attacks that are taking place are to give wrong color to Islam and Muslims.

Misra said that Hament Karkare called some Muslim personalities to Mumbai few days before his death and told them that Indian Mujahideen Group don,t exists. Misra said that the Real Jihadi groups don,t kill innocent people and Mossad and CIA creates fake Jihadi,s to give wrong color to Jihad and Muslims. in the end he demanded proper investigation of  death of Hament Karkare.

Iranian President Ahmadinejad declares 9/11 a big lie

Iranian President Mehmood Ahmadinejad has declared 9/11 Twin Towers attacks a big lie. Ahmedinejad said that 9/11 was an inside Job and was done By CIA and Mossad to occupy Muslim Lands. He said that the Capitalism that is established by the Israeli,s is about the fall and Capitalism has no future. Ahmadinejad also condemn the innocent People killings in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine by US and Israel.

Ahmadinejad also talked about the arrest of terrorist group Jundullah's top leader Abdul Malik Rigi that is backed by American CIA. He said that arrest of Rigi by Iranian intelligence agency was disgrace for CIA and Mossad. Rigi was arrested two weeks ago in Iran and after investigation from him he admitted connections with CIA.

Halbrook is not sure is Pakistan against Afghan Taliban?

American special Envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Halbrook said in an Interview with Financial Times Newspaper that i am not sure that is Pakistan turned against Afghan Taliban or not. Richard Halbrook said this while talking about the recent arrest of second top Afghan Taliban leader Mula Abdul Ghani Baradar from Karachi. Richard Halbrook said i can,t give a Judgement that is Pakistan really turned against Afghan Taliban or not?

Some analysts are calling arrest of Mula Baradar a good thing for Americans while some are saying that Pakistan has done it top stop Americans and Afghan Taliban from doing direct dialogues without involving Pakistan because Pakistan also want its part in dialogues. in recent days Many Afghan Taliban leaders are arrested from Pakistan.

American Army will not like you to watch this Video

American Army will not like you to watch this Video

Indian Journalist Amresh Misra tells Reality of Mumbai attacks Drama

Indian Journalist Amresh Misra tells Reality of Mumbai attacks Drama and Controversial killing of Hament Karkare.

India is scared of American Defeat in Afghanistan: Hafiz Saeed

Chief of Jamat Ud Dawa Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has said that India is scared of American Defeat in Afghanistan. India knows what will happen with it after American Exit from the region and Manmohan visit to Saudi Arabia is also due to this scare. He was addressing in Markaz Al Qadsia in Khutba of Jumah Prayer. He said that things are changing rapidly due to sacrifices of Muslims all over the world.

Hafiz Saeed said that America and India are doing baseless propaganda against Islam and Muslims and they are trying to create Sectarian Violence between Muslims so we must be very alert about it. He also criticized the Government Polices towards America and India.

He said that Pakistani Leaders are selling our brothers and sisters for Dollars to America. He also opposed the new Trade Agreements with Norway because its Newspaper where involve in Making Cartoons of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Recently Hafiz Saeed also given a Interview to a Pakistani TV Channel Express News but Indian Media Cote his Interview out of context that is old Habit to Indian Media to change the meaning of a News.

Hafiz Saeed said in that Interview that if India stopped our Water we must do War with India while India media showed this statement as Hafiz Saeed says we must start a War with India.

Pakistan army Victory in Bajaur agency

Pakistan army Victory in Bajaur agency against Indian backed TTP terrorists.

First Ever Arcade Pc Game Made in Pakistan

its the Trailer of First Ever Arcade Pc Games Made in Pakistan named as Shera Jutt.

Spanish Kids writes letters to Israeli Ambassador in Spain

according to report of Express News Israeli ambassador in Spain has received hundreds of letters from Spanish Kids in which kids has asked "Mr Ambassador how many Palestinian kids are killed today by Israel?". These Letters are sent to Israeli Ambassador when some of European countries are strongly criticizing the Israel for its brutality on the people of Palestine.

After watching the letters Israeli Ambassador was very upset. according to report of Middle east study center in the letter Spanish kids have written about Israeli state terrorism, killings of innocent people, bombings, killings of small children and stopping food supply.

While this question exists in most of the letters "Mr Ambassador how many Palestinian kids are killed today by Israel?" Kids have also demanded ending of Israeli state terrorism on people of Palestine and independence of Palestine. from the writing of letters it looks like that the letters are written by small kids.

Pakistan army takes complete control of Bajaur

Pakistan army has taken complete control of Bajaur agency by defeating TTP terrorists. Pakistan army has also said that we have proofs of Indian involvement in Bajaur agency and Indian intelligence agency RAW is funding terrorists of TTP. in below photo you can see people of Bajaur celebrating, dancing and raising slogans in support of Pakistan army.

Girls again Molested Publicly in India

just a month ago a girl was molested publicly by a boy and India public was enjoying it instead of stopping that boy and now again a group of girls is Publicly Molested in India.

India not provided proofs but literature about Hafiz Saeed

India not provided proofs but literature about Hafiz Saeed

Pakistan must demand Brahamdagh Bugti for Mula Baradar

Second top Afghan Taliban leader Mula Abdul Ghani Baradar is in custody of Pakistan while Afghanistan government and Americans are demanding to hand him over to Afghanistan government for whom Pakistani interior Minister Rehman Malik was also ready but Lahore High Court has stopped handing over Mula Bardar to Afghan government.

But the question is that why Pakistan not demands for Terror Master Brahamdagh Bugti in exchange of Mula Baradar that is sitting in Afghan Capital Kabul under Indian umbrella and mastering Terror in Balochistan province. Pakistan has strong proofs that Afghan government with help of Indian government is working for anti Pakistan operations from many years and Brahamdagh Bugti is mastering terrorism in Balochistan so Pakistan must demand for him if Afghanistan is asking for Mula Baradar.

America to spend $50 Million to buy Pakistani Media

Administration of American President Barack Obama has decided to spend $50 Million on Pakistani media to buy elements in it so that they can end hatred for America in Pakistan and improve their image in front of Pakistani public. Many big names in Pakistani media are already working on American agenda whom you can see targeting Pakistan army, ISI, Kashmiri Mujahideen and supporting things like Kerry Lugar Bill and polices of America.

Through Pakistani media they will also propagate about their projects in Pakistan which according to them are for welfare of Pakistan.

Americans are already spending money on showing such programs on main stream Pakistan TV Channels which improve their image such as Voice of America that comes on Geo TV in which America is showed as a great friend of Pakistan and working for progress of Pakistan while in this program Iran and those people who are struggling for freedom of their land Afghanistan are showed as terrorists. Now Express TV another big TV Channel will also be showing the Voice of America.